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The internet is a magical place if the world at large is failing you. Take for example the recent case of Disney’s new film, Frozen. Many fans are dejected to find the usual formula for feminine beauty (1. white 2. skinny 3. blonde) again being played for box office dollars. Because the story takes place in the very north of Scandinavia – once known as Lapland and the home of the Sámi people – critics are wondering why neither of the two heroines are indigenous women.

It’s a really fair question because at least one of the characters is wearing what appears to be traditional Sámi garb: She’s the one on the left in the image below. With the red hair.

disney fans


The Tumblr community has come to life over this one. They’ve started the This Could Have Been Frozen tumblr to demonstrate to Disney what a missed opportunity this has been. Lots of Disney fans have been submitting their own art work, reimagining these characters.

Here are a few of the best:


As usual, the issue is more complex than it first appears. The indigenous Sámi people and the ‘caucasian’ inhabitants of Norway, Sweden and Finland have been intermarrying since around the middle ages; there are Sámi people with blonde hair.

More and more it seems we are all getting tired of false portrayals of humanity. Whether movies or dolls, toys or toy stores, people are pushing back harder than ever to see themselves reflected in the culture at large. Here’s hoping the corporations are paying attention.

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