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Get out and explore your own city this March Break

Attention kids and parents! We have an assignment for you this March Break. Ever wonder what is truly the best coffeeshop in your particular city? This is your chance to find out! We want you and your kids to try out the beverage selections at five different coffeeshops in order to find your new favourite.

You can do this by:

  1. Referring to your city’s alt-weeklies and blogs where they typically create best-of lists
  2. Asking your social networks for recommendations
  3. Taking transit to a new neighbourhood and wander around until you find the first interesting-looking coffeeshop

Next, you and your kid have to commit to one item you’re going to order at each coffeeshop. It could be a plain cup of drip coffee, chai latte, hot chocolate, smoothie, or maybe even a cookie. (We’d be checking out the latte situation while the kid would investigate the hot chocolate)

You and your kid should record your impressions of each coffee/hot chocolate you order. (If your kid lacks great penmanship, maybe you could record his observations for him.) Note the taste, the presentation, the price and any other details about the coffeeshop, the service or your overall experience.

In another day or two, repeat. Find another coffeeshop to check out, record your impressions and compare with the previous day(s). By the end of March Break, you may very well have a new favourite place! If you wanted to stretch this project out, we think a weekly pizza, pad thai or burger trip would be a worthwhile venture for you and your kids too.

Photo by Paul Goyette via Flickr

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