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Why not countdown to a paper mâché ball of candy?

Countdowns are fun. Candy is fun. Countdowns with candy at the end are superfun. (If you don’t like that much sugar, glitter is also fun. Messy, but fun.)

For a kid-friendly countdown, make a disco ball piñata. Note: this needs to be done two days before New Year’s Eve to ensure your paper mâché creation dries.

You will need:

  • A large balloon
  • Strips of newspaper
  • Some sort of paste (either pre-mixed wallpaper paste, or flour-and-water)
  • Shiny paper OR paint and sequins/sparkles
  • Candy
  1. Blow up balloon and start covering with newspaper strips and paste.
  2. After a solid layer, set aside to dry.
  3. When balloon is dry cut a hole and fill with candy (or whatever you like.)
  4. Patch hole with more newspaper and paste.
  5. When patch is dry, either paint grey and glue on sparkles or paste on strips of metallic paper. (Silver spraypaint and sequins would be nice too)
  6. When everything is dry, take an exacto knife and make two small incisions from which you can thread some string.

When your disco ball is done, hang from a doorway. As you countdown the last 10 seconds of 2010, either slowly lower your disco ball a la Time Square, or just drop it when the clock strikes 12.

Photo by kidicarus222 on Flickr

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