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Bunchland loves to hop on our imaginary jet plane and take imaginary trips to amazing places all over the world. Sometimes the families who live there even show us around. How cool is that?

  • CITY: Park Extension, Montreal, Quebec
  • OUR BUNCH: Murray, lead vocalist/songwriter in The Dears. Natalia, keyboardist/singer in The Dears. Neptune, 4, awesome kid.






Murray and Natalia went from bandmates in critically-acclaimed indie band The Dears to husband and wife in 2005. Now they live with their daughter, Neptune, in Park Extension, known to the locals as “Park X”, in Montreal.






What’s the most beautiful thing about living in your hometown?

After I had Neptune, I discovered Montreal’s green spaces, like Jarry Park.


What is your favourite local event/tradition?

Every Labour Day weekend, there is a Greek street fair on Saint-Roch Street. Neptune is big into it, maybe because it means she gets cotton candy. There are games and rides and ice cream and souvlaki, and there are always old Greek people drinking beer.


Your family is given $1,000 to spend on local products and entertainment. How do you spend it?

I think I’d round up five other families and go crash a concert by the MSO. And not even a youth-geared performance, just a regular concert. Even if they lost interest after 20 minutes, I’d still feel like the experience would be worth it.

What does your family enjoy doing outdoors?

In the summer, something that’s really awesome and fun is to go to Mount Royal (Mont Royale). You get to experience forest-y wilderness, even in the winter. Last summer we went for a friend’s birthday party in the park. There’s a pond with paddleboats and a chalet all year round. There are minnows and other stuff that is fun for kids, and in the winter there is a skating rink and hot chocolate. You can rent ice skates and go skating on Lac des Castors (Beaver Lake).


Who is the most famous/coolest person who hails from your hometown?

Murray and Neptune have started this tradition of watching episodes of Star Trek (original series) together. Currently Neptune thinks “Mr. Spockie” is the best. So I choose Captain Kirk, or William Shatner, as our collective fave Montrealer.  Something about him is really classic to Montrealers, like the way, throughout his career, he’s never played by anyone’s rules but his own.

Photos by Flowizm, *_Janice, wallyg and abdallahh via Flickr.


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