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Who could resist these seasonal treats?

For the most part, bunnies are adorable. When in chocolate form, they’re also delicious. But as our pal Frank up there can attest, bunnies can also be a little bit terrifying. And just as the Elf on a Shelf showed us that sometimes well-intentioned toys creep us right the eff out, some chocolate bunnies are just as creepy. It’s usually in the eyes. Here are some of the creepy bunnies we came across. Are they to be avoided at all costs, or consumed quickly so as to end their creepy presence?

muscle man bunnyUnexpected musculature.

giant easter bunny

Is that a natural reclining position for a bunny? We’d take a nibble off of its ears, but we’d worry it would bite back. Its creators were aiming for a Guinness Record.

mad eye easter bunny

A bunny fit for Mad Eye Moody?

many weird bunnies

We’re not sure what’s going on here, between the bug eyes, the melted ears and the lack of bodies.

Creepy Chocolate Dora

Not all creepy chocolate treats come in bunny form. Can you say, “Eso es espeluznante”?

scary easter dinosaur treat

Actually, this one’s pretty awesome. If you find a marshmallow dinosaur-looking treat, please send it our way.

Have you come across any scary seasonal treats? Any traumatic Easter basket experiences from your childhood? Let us know!

Photos by frogDNA, Jemimus and Daffydil via Flickr, via odditycentral, 11 miles to cool, atomicyeti and mekong.net.

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