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Your kids’ deeply entrenched image of Snow White is about to change.

The new movie Snow White and the Huntsman is giving her armour, unkempt hair and an adventurous attitude. Kristen Stewart will portray the fierce protagonist, and she isn’t taking any advice from woodland creatures. The movie, set to come out June 2012, will be a much darker and more epic version of its Disney counterpart, and is made by the producers of Alice in Wonderland and The Sixth Sense.

We say ditch the pre-made Disney Snow White in favour of this righteous heroine.

You’ll need:

  • Tall black boots and black pants
  • A sword and shield (cardboard and tin foil)
  • Wrap around braids (braided yarn)
  • Body armour (2 foil roasting pans, and a few mini foil pie plates, tin foil and string)

You can easily achieve body armour look without spending a ton of cash. To the baking aisle! Grab two disposable foil roasting pans from your local grocery or dollar store and cut off the edges so you have two flat pieces of stiff foil. Cut a little neck scoop and stylize the shape of the breast plate if you want. Turn the edges in and punch holes in both top corners of each pan so you can tie them together. (The strings rest over the shoulders.) Cover them in tin foil and hot glue them so they stay put. Glue mini pie plates onto the tin foiled strings and layer them in tiers along the shoulders. Pie pans can also be used for knee guards. Punch holes on the side edge of each pan so you can tie it together with string at the side of the body.

The sword and shield are easy. Wrap cardboard cut outs in tin foil and glue down. Paint designs on them if you want! For the medieval hairstyle, braid some yarn to make two long pieces and bobby pin around your sword slingin’ little lady’s head.

Even if your fairy tale-lovin’ kid isn’t quite ready to embrace the assassin princess aesthestic, new interpretations of classic stories are all over the place — there’s actually another Snow White movie being filmed at the same time as the KStew one. There’s absolutely no need to stick to the Disney mold of these stories and characters. We say you should sit down with a classic tale and have your pick out their favourite elements. Build your costume around that.

Photo via ibtimes.com

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