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Be the Last Unicorn’s human avatar with this easy-to-pull-together costume

Fans of The Last Unicorn, rejoice! This is one costume you definitely won’t see in your local drugstore aisle. Sure, the humanoid avatar of the Last Unicorn herself is over 30 years old, but that doesn’t mean a cool, whipped up costume won’t get you noticed.

Lady Almathea, the name given to the “woman” incarnation of the movie’s namesake mythical creature, is easy to channel in a flash. The hardest part will be tracking down a lilac dress—but with a little scouring at your favourite thrift store, you’re sure to find something suitable. Aim for an old flower girl dress, but anything long and remotely purple will be fine.

Get some purple duct tape from your local Michael’s or craft store. Cut it in strips to size and place on the dress to create the corseted look seen above. If you have lots of time or are super crafty, you can always sew ribbon on to the dress for a similar effect.

Then, pick up a white wig with bangs from wherever you can and a little yellow-gold face paint. Paint a sun-star pattern on the middle of your kid’s forehead, put the wig and dress on and voilà! Lady Almathea in the flesh.

Not sure everyone will get it? Carry a unicorn figurine with you on the big night to give people the hint. But we think people that know and love the movie will recognize that they’re in the presence of Almathea herself right away

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