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Here’s a read that will add serious dimension to your kid’s library

Italian artist and designer Sara Fanelli has created a super unique reading experience that we’re as excited about as your kid will be.

Aside from the quirky collage-style illustrations, we love The Onion’s Great Escape because it takes the activity book to the next level. Its interactive in a way we’ve yet to see in kids books. Readers get to help the protagonist, a young onion, escape his looming fate of “the big fry” by physically taking him out of the book. This is a novel that’s meant to be ripped apart.

The story takes kids on a rescue journey where they add their own solutions to each page. Imagination and creative thinking are encouraged as some obscure philosophical questions are raised: does everyone always agree with your version of a memory? Where do things you have forgotten end up? How big do you think an elephants thought’s are? As they get through each page, they get one step closer to freeing the Onion:

“As the child goes though the book and they read each page and reply to the questions, as a reward they tear one layer of the onion and then they move on to the next. This builds up until the very end when they are asked to remove the whole middle section, which is the onion. It never goes back into the book because the onion has made its journey and it has life of its own,” says Fanelli.

By the time the reader reaches the end of the book, they’re a paper engineer – they tear the whole spine out and it’s a cool 3D onion that looks a bit like a paper lantern. Then the reader has a new pal!

Here’s what Fanelli has to say about her whimsical tour de force.

Photo by Amazon.

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