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Check out these exotic-looking blooms

Since we’re still hearing weather reports with the phrase “wind chill” in them, it might be a while before we’re puttering around in the soil for real. That’s no reason not to have fresh flowers around the house. Grab some coffee filters, see what kinds of colour combinations the kids can come up with and make these Coffee Filter Flowers from Tinker Lab.

You’ll need:

  • Jars with watercolors or food colouring
  • Flat-bottom coffee filters
  • Droppers or paint brushes
  • Tray to catch spills
  • Covered table
  • Green Pipe Cleaners


  • Squeeze, drop, splash or paint watercolours onto coffee filters (which are on your spill-catching tray)
  • Let them dry overnight
  • Stack five or so filters on top of each other
  • Accordian-fold those filters and secure them with a pipe cleaner, soon to be flower stem, in the middle
  • Pull out the filters one at a time, fluffing as you go
  • Display!

Photo via Tinkerlab

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