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Today’s craft idea comes to us from the crafty Sara Wood from Smock Café and Wonder Workshop, the “magical artist’s apothecary” on Roncesvalles Ave. in Toronto:

Your Fairy Supplies:

  • clothespin
  • plastic flower petals
pipe cleaner
  • paints + brush
  • pom poms
pot of glue

Note: hot glue works best for securing hair, skirt, wings and arms in place, but you can use Elmer’s white glue if you allow sufficient drying time before the next step.

1. Paint clothespin, keeping in mind that the round part is fairy’s head and the two sticks make the legs.

2. Draw on the face with marker. Draw or paint ballet slippers or“fairy shoes”. You may wish to draw lines up the legs for slipper ribbons!

3. Choose two petals for the skirt and one for the wings. Cut an ‘x’ shape into the center of the skirt petals and slide up legs to make the skirt. Tie the ribbon around the top of the skirt to fasten.

4. Cut one petal off of the remaining flower to make it a flower with four petals. Glue this flower to the back of the fairy to make wings.

5. Wrap the pipe cleaner in half around the fairy’s waist to make arms.

With thanks to Smock’s Sara Wood

Smock Café and Wonder Workshop, 287 Roncesvalles Ave, 416-530-0888

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