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The most unique holiday window displays from around the globe

Christmas window

If you live in any of these cities (or if any of them are a manageable drive away), we recommend bundling up and going to check them out in person, as the following photos and videos really won’t do them justice. Here are the ones we found the most magical, and in certain cases, totally unique.

Bergdorf’s, New York City

If this was 2009, we’d be losing it over their Fantastic Mr. Fox window display.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Christmas window

But this is 2010, and we’re nonetheless losing it over their fantastical travel-themed display entitled “Wish You Were Here,” transforming shoppers to every location from the moon to the sea.

Bergdorf Christmas window

If you’re so inclined, here’s a video of the making-of.

Woodward’s, Vancouver

The neat thing about this year’s Woodward’s display is that they’ve resurrected an animatronic horse and cart and other features that haven’t been in use for 20 years. Back in the day though, they were a popular tourist attraction. And the window engineer has been at this since the ’70s, so needless to say, he’s a pro.

Selfridge’s, London

Whoever put together this quirky display must have had fun gluing googly eyes on everything from picnic hampers to jeans, thus personifying several of the items the high-end department store sells.

Selfridges Christmas window

Friendly Stranger, Toronto

Toronto’s most popular pot culture and paraphernalia shop actually pulls of a rather festive display, with an array of gifts (read: bongs) for your favourite toker. And yes, that there you see is Santa getting blazed.

Macy’s, San Francisco

Every year, the San Francisco SPCA fills Macy’s Christmas window with pets as part of their annual adoption and fundraising drive. Kittens and Christmas! Two of our favourite things! And yes, there is a live stream.

Photo by wallyg via Flickr.

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