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Pranks are a treasured family holiday tradition

Sometimes the family Christmas prank is…indescribable.

There’s something about the holidays that makes us act a little silly. Maybe it’s because we finally get to release all the stress that has been building up, loosen our ties (and belts) and just kick back for a few days. The extra free time and proximity to family members lends itself to some hijinks. Some tomfoolery, if you will. And inevitably, some Christmas pranks. As you’ll see, sometimes these friendly family pranks become treasured holiday traditions. Other times, they take a turn for the worse.

The raisin experiment

Ohdeedoh posted about the Raisin Experiment, a small-scale prank that was little more than parents wrapping up a box of raisins to give to their 3-year-old (and recording his reaction) that snowballed into an epic prank that got repeated year after year. Last year, the kid got a large canister of raisins, with predictably hilarious results. Here’s hoping this tradition keeps going well into his teens, and, for the sake of our own amusement, into his adulthood.

Wrapping all of someone’s personal belongings

This video was making the rounds on YouTube around this time last year, and we all had a big laugh. We wonder if Louie regrets going out of town for a week and leaving his apartment key in the hands of his friend, who then recruited others to wrap up his flatscreen TV, computer, furniture and basically everything he owns.

A reaction video was posted the next day. Poor Louie seems a bit tired, and would probably really like to sit down, but can’t because his furniture is covered in wrapping paper. But at the very least, he seems amused and is probably still friends with those people.

Wrapping up terrible gifts in boxes for much more awesome toys

There are a number of these types of videos circulating on the Internet, and we can’t say we support this behaviour. The practice of wrapping up a crappy gift, such as socks, in a Wii box is, arguably, mean. The only thing that makes it okay is when an actual Wii (or Xbox or PS3 or whatever) has just been removed from the box and stashed in a closet or something, to be produced later after the yelling and sobbing has subsided.

Of course, sometimes there is no actual video game console, and the kid just sits there looking totally dejected. Merry Christmas, you gullible kid!

Have you ever played a Christmas prank on someone in your family? Let us know in the comments!

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