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Sometimes I forget what a force music can be. I get caught up in the tedium of everyday stresses and then I forget to sing out loud. When I was growing up, singing was very important to me. In the schoolyard we sang. On the bus home we sang. In choir practice, at slumber parties, while going for walks or sitting by the river, always we were singing. It seems to me that my girlfriends and I were always singing — and singing loud. It was such a positive release when the stresses of growing and changing were too difficult to bear.

Witness the children of the Capital Children’s Choir. They record their music at Abbey Road Studios (maybe you’ve heard of the Beatles?) and instead of traditional choral fare they choose interesting songs by current artists. Listening to them makes me cry.

You’ve been warned:

Not your cup of tea? How about a Crystal Castles’ cover? Yeah. They do that too.

But singing isn’t the only way to release the inevitable stresses of growing up. Toronto has its own school of rock for girls called Girls Rock Camp — and they need our help.

Right now they are in the final hours of an indiegogo campaign to ensure they can continue to operate and expand their invaluable services over the next year. According to co-founder Magali Meagher, “1 in 7 Ontarian teen girls believes she ‘does not have much to be proud of’ and that she ‘can’t do anything right.'”

Here’s a real opportunity to aid in their efforts to provide mentorship to girls between 8 and 16.

When it comes to music programs it seems like all we’ve been hearing about lately is the threat of cutbacks. Let’s not forget that music really can change a life. Do it.

source: the Hairpin, Girls Rock Camp Toronto

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