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Up All Night Episode 17: First Birthday


Watch Up All Night with us The Brinkleys celebrate Amy’s first birthday! Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it online here. Chris and Reagan start things off with some party planning for Amy’s first birthday. First things first: guest list, and bitchy moms who have biting babies do not make the cut. As Reagan’s flipping through… Read More »

Up All Night Recap Episode 16: Travel Day


Watch  Up All Night with us Have you seen episode 16? If not, watch online and tell us your favourite part of the episode! Travel Day starts off with Ava completing her online certification to be a wedding officiant, which she kind of confuses with being a genie. Reagan wants to go to this wedding… Read More »

Up All Night Episode 15: The Day After Valentine’s Day


Watch  Up All Night with us Didn’t catch episode 15? Watch it online. On the Ava Show, her Valentine’s Day shtick is a hunky kissing bandit named Besos. Besos goes in for the kill and starts making out with Reagan, which weirds her out and rightly so. Reagan’s worried that Chris will flip out over… Read More »

Up All Night Episode 14: Preschool Auction


Watch  Up All Night with us Whew! That Wednesday to Thursday change is hard to keep up with, but here goes! Since the end of the work week isn’t terribly conducive to TV watching and recaps, we’ll be posting the Up All Night recap and discussion on Mondays. So, all of you who didn’t quite… Read More »

Up All Night Episodes 12 & 13 Recaps


Who’s still watching Up All Night? NBC’s moved the comedy from Wednesday to Thursday, so now you can catch it after the Office. We think it’s a good move. It definitely belongs closer to 30 Rock and Parks and Rec than Whitney does. We’ve got two episodes to recap, so let’s just dive in. Did… Read More »

Recap Episodes 8, 9 & 10: First Night Away, Hiring & Firing and Week Off


We fell a little bit behind Ah! We’ve missed our favourite show about brand new parents for the last couple weeks! Do you also need to get caught up? Good thing the internet exists! Episode 8: First Night Away Episode 9: Hiring & Firing Episode 10: Week Off OK! So a lot of things happened… Read More »

Episode 7 Recap: Parents


Reagan’s parents come for a visit Didn’t see last night’s episode? Watch it here. What happens: Chris freaks out over his mortality because his Sports Illustrated lifetime subscription is going to run out in 2032… a mere 21 years away. Mid-freak-out, Reagan’s parents call, she tells him to avoid their call but now that he… Read More »

Episode 6 Recap: Birth


Reagan’s birthing plan Haven’t seen last night’s episode? You can watch it here. We go back in time to sometime just before Amy’s birth. Reagan’s going over her birthing plan and tells Chris that since she can’t do anything she’d normally do, coming up with this plan is the only thing she has control over.… Read More »

Episode 5 Recap: Mr. Bob’s Toddler Kaleidoscope


Let’s talk about Up All Night Haven’t seen last night’s episode? Watch it here. Last night’s episode featured Michael Hitchcock, whom you may have seen in any Christopher Guest movies, as Mr. Bob, and the awesome Missi Pyle as Kayla’s mom. OK. So Reagan’s been researching baby classes and finds that Mr. Bob is the… Read More »

Episode 4 Recap: New Car


Let’s talk about Up All Night This week’s episode starts with Reagan and Chris wanting a beach day with Amy. Chris’ car is in the shop, so they’re loading up Reagan’s convertible BMW and having some serious problems doing so. Then the uncool couple strolls by with the Baby Bjorn and tells them they’ll never… Read More »

Episode 3 Recap: Working Late and Working It


Let’s talk about Up All Night Ava (Maya Rudolph) has a meltdown mid-show because she hears an ex-boyfriend is engaged. She blames Reagan (Christina Applegate) for this ancient breakup, even though Reagan was acting in Ava’s best interest since this ex-boyfriend cheated on her all the time, allegedly with all the members of TLC. (Ava… Read More »

Up All Night Episodes 1+2 Recap


TV Parents acting like real parents? So far, so good. We’re loving Up All Night, the new sitcom about 30-something media-type professionals adjusting to their new roles as parents. Based on the preview, we were pretty pumped; it seemed to show real-ish people dealing with babies. The parents aren’t know-it-all Danny Tanners, nor are they… Read More »


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