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Date Night Alert – Buy Art Not Kids Fundraiser – This FRIDAY


Here’s a disturbing fact: human and child sex trafficking is a $32 billion a year business – that’s worth more than Google, Nike and Starbucks’ annual profits combined, according to the folks at Buy Art Not Kids. In its second year, Buy Art Not Kids raises funds for Ratanak International, a Canadian-based, Christian organization which… Read More »

Kids want family time more than they want presents


Breaking news: gadgets and toys aren’t everything to kids.                     The UK group Family Action asked kids to rank what’s most important about Christmas, and overwhelmingly, kids chose spending quality time with their families. But it’s not all jolly good news. The group says there are… Read More »

Morning coffee news: sibling rivalry begins in the womb


New high-tech monitor lets doctors see twins in the womb as they’ve never been seen before. Dubbed the “cinematic MRI”, the new tool shows how twins fight for space in the womb. It can be a serious issue: occasionally one twin siphons blood from the other, a condition known as twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), which… Read More »

Morning Coffee News: Meet Baby Hashtag


According to awkardmessages.com, these parents have given their newborn the trendiest name ever.                                   The Huffington Post reports it isn’t sure if  the baby’s birth announcement, posted on Facebook, is real, a typo, or a joke. Yeah, we’re so… Read More »

Morning coffee news roundup: teen girl does Movember, Sally Ann fraud and the Kingston Grinch


1. Movember is for girls too. (But we knew that already) We at Bunch have a big love-on for Movember. Today, our hearts warmed with news of a teen girl in the UK who is sporting a different stache everyday this month to support the cause. And her school is totally behind her, unlike another teen… Read More »

PETA’s New Thanksgiving Campaign Targets Kids


Vegan activists invite kids to compare their dogs to dinner Thanksgiving is a time for saying thanks for good food. But eating your dog for dinner? Not exactly a thought you’d like to consider during grace. If that feels uncomfortable, PETA’s new billboards cropping up in the Ottawa, Winnipeg and Saskatoon region have achieved their goal. The controversial crew hope… Read More »

Box Play Stickers: The Solution To Your Kid’s Everyday Craft Needs


The coolest, easiest way to get crafty with boxes   The only downside of “beautiful junk” crafts is that it takes time. In a perfect world, we’d have endless hours to turn cardboard boxes into arcades, or make dollhouses out of juice cartons. Hanging out with your kid and doing crazy silly fun stuff like that is well,… Read More »

The Gourmet Grazing Plate


Keep calm and nibble on This is going to be a quick one. We’ve just jumped over Labour Day and all of a sudden things are busier than they should be. I read a great quote today: “Stop the glorification of busy”. This is true. I’ll do that next week. For now, I am going… Read More »

5 Incredible Edible Flowers to Taste Test With Your Kids


Get your kids into edible flowers this summer Tip-toeing through the garden and taking time to smell the roses are all well and good, but turning edible flowers into incredible culinary creations adds a whole new dimension to floral appreciation. Before you begin to bake up some blossoms, please read this information sheet about edible… Read More »

8 Bright Ideas For Super Fun Summer Nights


Summer nights are when the real magic happens Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Summer nights be as awesome as those lazy, hazy days. Wake up your senses with these 8 fun activities for after dusk. Blow glow-in-the-dark bubbles What’s more fun than blowing bubbles? Blowing bubbles that glow!… Read More »

5 Awesome Kids Movies for Summer 2012


The new releases we’re stoked for Summer movies: an opportunity to take advantage of A/C, settle into some uber comfy seats, and bask in the cool darkness of a movie theater. Prepare your kids for a Milk Dud sugar high, or B.Y.O.Popcorn (we won’t tell!) and escape for a couple hours. Here are this summer’s must-see kids… Read More »

Kids and Explicit Lyrics: Band Parents Weigh In


We asked our favourite band parents if they let their kids listen to explicit lyrics Remember buying your first tape or CD with one of those Tipper Gore-era explicit lyric stickers? The feeling of anticipation as you pulled back the all-too-hard-to-open packaging and placed the contraband cassette/disc in your Walkman, only to set sail on… Read More »


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