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danah boyd Says to Let Your Kids Use the Internet by Themselves


Slate’s Katie Roiphe talks to the controversial danah boyd about kids online   We all know there’s a lot of wild and crazy stuff on the internet, stuff that we don’t want our kids to see, but that’s no reason to hover over our kids’ shoulders as they go about their business online, says Microsoft… Read More »

Make Your Own Videos on KidzVuz


Social Media with training wheels Looking to raise a future YouTube sensation, but don’t want to expose your kid to the wild world of YouTube commenters? That’s why we have sites like KidzVuz. If we know anything about the internet, it’s that it’s a good place to share your opinions, which is what KidzVuz does;… Read More »

Smart Homes: Where the Livin’s Easy For Hi Tech Families


New niche home design is flexible, intuitive and totally automatic What do you look for in a solid family home? backyard? Good water pressure? A new generation of home builders are taking these necessities to the next level. Enter the smart home, where curtains are motorized, walls change colour on command and digital appliances let you know… Read More »

Toddlers Use Smartphones as Play Things and Have Their Own Facebook Pages


How kids consume media today The current issue of Ad Week is devoted to kids. It covers things like how kids influence the buying decisions of the family, how companies are doubling their efforts to stay hip and relevant with the kids and of course, how kids are participating in and consuming media. Among its… Read More »

Will You Transfer Your Favourite Childhood Games To Your iPad For Your Kids?


Hasbro and Mattel jump on the app train Recall the days when there was a staunch divide between classic toys and digital devices? In a classic “If you can’t beat ’em,  join ’em” quandary, major toy makers are now adapting many enduring childhood favourite games for the digital age. Mattel is introducing a line of… Read More »

Teaching Kids to Navigate the Internet Is Just Part of Parenting, Says Alyson Schafer


Our parenting expert tells you what you need to know There were some great discussions at our Social Media Week panel that featured Alyson Schafer, teacher Royan Lee and blogger Brad Moon. Our panelists didn’t always agree on everything, but brought different experiences with teaching kids how to work in the digital space. Schafer thinks… Read More »

Can a Tablet Be a Teacher and a Babysitter?


A question for the iPad and other tablet-owning families A new Neilson survey finds that in tablet-owning households, 70 percent of kids get to play with the tablet device. Not only do the kids get to use it, parents are relying on the tablet to keeps the kids occupied when traveling or sitting in a… Read More »

Top Tweets from The Social Family Goes Mobile Panel


Here’s what you might have missed Yesterday, we hosted a Social Media Week panel that was a bit of a continuation of last year’s Social Family discussion. Specifically, we were interested in talking about how within 12 short months, our families’ relationships with social media, especially on mobile platforms, has changed so drastically. We invited… Read More »

Kids Are Concerned with Building Personal Brands


Knowing the power of social media to shape one’s image A large majority of 11-year-olds, 86 percent of them actually, are using social media to build their personal brands, say the Ambition AXA Awards. According to Simply Zesty, “The concept of a personal brand is something that adults are just beginning to get their heads… Read More »

Baby Confused By Magazine That Doesn’t Respond Like an IPad


And we can’t really blame her This is the future. Why would you waste your time on content delivery system that isn’t interactive? Image via YouTube

Inspired by Pink: All-Access Parenting and Limiting Facebook Photos


Stephanie Potter has some boundaries, y’all Earlier this month, popstar Pink (or P!nk) and her motocross racer husband Carey Hart just welcomed a baby girl into the world. People are excited to see this new edition to their family. So excited in fact, the paparazzi were following them around trying get that first picture of… Read More »


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