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Posting Kid Photos Online (Means Your Parenting Sucks?)


Earlier this week, Amy Webb wrote an opinion piece for Slate entitled “We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online.” In my family, I’m the go-to person for thoughts about technology, so when my cousin asked my opinion about posting kid photos online, here’s what I had to say: First, I want to separate the author from the… Read More »

Elmo Calls: Genius App or Parenting Crutch?


Who you gonna call in a parenting jam? ELMO! If your kid won’t take orders from you, maybe they’ll listen to Elmo. That’s the rationale behind Sesame Street’s new app, which is racking up parents’ seals of approval. Since it launched this winter, the endearing monster has made over 30 million simulated phone calls to parents… Read More »

6 Back-to-School Apps For Whole-Family Survival This September


Make getting your kid back into the grind more fun than ever September can be crazy hectic — sale frenzies, nervous kids, and (brace yourself) impending frost. Ugh. We said it. So we rounded up some apps to make the transition from summer days to the school grind a little easier for everyone involved. You… Read More »

6 Memory-Keeping Apps for Super Smartphone Scrapbooking


6 apps for keeping your summer memories The epic fort made in the backyard, the song sang in the car on the way to the cottage, the crazy s’more concoction invented by the campfire – make sure none of that goes undocumented. Equip yourself with the right tools so you can simply bust out your… Read More »

6 Apps for Outdoor Summer Fun


6 awesome apps to ramp up your outdoor family fun   As much as we want our kids to have lo-fi, unplugged fun this summer, there’s no denying that you can amplify your summer activities with some well-curated apps. Ditch the field guide (heavy), the maps (impossible to fold), the bulky binoculars (unstylish). All you… Read More »

Kid iPad Addiction: Is Your Toddler Hooked?


It’s hard enough for a grown-up to limit time on an iPad. So how is iPad addiction affecting our kids? If you’ve ever needed a moment to yourself and handed your kid an iPad, you know how they can go from scattered to rapt in about 10 seconds. Turn on some Angry Birds, some Toki… Read More »

6 Awesome iPad Apps for Kids: The Best Apps for Family Fun


Our six favourite kid-friendly iPad apps for solo and family play Toca Tea Party It doesn’t matter if you spill at this tea party. Set up your “table” with your choice of tablecloth, tea cups and saucers and an assortment of petit fours and tea sandwiches. Don’t forget to stick up that pinkie! For iPad.… Read More »

danah boyd Says to Let Your Kids Use the Internet by Themselves


Slate’s Katie Roiphe talks to the controversial danah boyd about kids online We all know there’s a lot of wild and crazy stuff on the internet, stuff that we don’t want our kids to see, but that’s no reason to hover over our kids’ shoulders as they go about their business online, says Microsoft researcher… Read More »

Make Your Own Videos on KidzVuz


Social Media with training wheels Looking to raise a future YouTube sensation, but don’t want to expose your kid to the wild world of YouTube commenters? That’s why we have sites like KidzVuz. If we know anything about the internet, it’s that it’s a good place to share your opinions, which is what KidzVuz does;… Read More »

Smart Homes: Where the Livin’s Easy For Hi Tech Families


New niche home design is flexible, intuitive and totally automatic What do you look for in a solid family home? backyard? Good water pressure? A new generation of home builders are taking these necessities to the next level. Enter the smart home, where curtains are motorized, walls change colour on command and digital appliances let you know… Read More »

Toddlers Use Smartphones as Play Things and Have Their Own Facebook Pages


How kids consume media today The current issue of Ad Week is devoted to kids. It covers things like how kids influence the buying decisions of the family, how companies are doubling their efforts to stay hip and relevant with the kids and of course, how kids are participating in and consuming media. Among its… Read More »

Will You Transfer Your Favourite Childhood Games To Your iPad For Your Kids?


Hasbro and Mattel jump on the app train Recall the days when there was a staunch divide between classic toys and digital devices? In a classic “If you can’t beat ‘em,  join ‘em” quandary, major toy makers are now adapting many enduring childhood favourite games for the digital age. Mattel is introducing a line of… Read More »


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