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The Kano Computer Kit

Kano: A Computer Your Kids Can Build


It’s no secret kids love any touch screen the world can invent. But playing with these devices is far different from learning how they actually work. Meet Kano, a super-successful project launched by a London, UK based start-up. The big idea: kids can learn how to build a computer, program code and have fun while doing it. Powered… Read More »

screen time

Talking Screen Time, Baby


There are new ‘Media Use Guidelines’ announced by the American Academy of Pediatrics, updating their last 2011 statement that advised against screen time for under-2s. The new plan recommends that families develop a ‘Media Use Plan’ that includes limiting access during mealtimes and imposing bedtime curfews on devices — and recommending that pediatricians ask about media use… Read More »

posting kid photos online

Posting Kid Photos Online (Means Your Parenting Sucks?)


Earlier this week, Amy Webb wrote an opinion piece for Slate entitled “We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online.” In my family, I’m the go-to person for thoughts about technology, so when my cousin asked my opinion about posting kid photos online, here’s what I had to say: First, I want to separate the author from the… Read More »

image by kelli anderson of the human torso with skeletal and ventricular systems

The Human Body App


Tinybop is a relatively new design firm that specializes in creative and educational apps for kids. Their first project has finally hit the streets and it’s super cool. Check out this video introduction to The Human Body App: Artist Kelli Anderson did all of the illustrations that went into creating the moving parts and pieces… Read More »


LaLa Lunchbox: Power to the Little People!


Gillian Fein quickly realized that feeding three kids and making sure that it was food that she could feel good about – and that they would eat – was no small task. She figured that if she empowered her kids to make their own choices about what was in their lunch box they would ultimately… Read More »

elmo calls

Elmo Calls: Genius App or Parenting Crutch?


Who you gonna call in a parenting jam? ELMO! If your kid won’t take orders from you, maybe they’ll listen to Elmo. That’s the rationale behind Sesame Street’s new app, which is racking up parents’ seals of approval. Since it launched this winter, the endearing monster has made over 30 million simulated phone calls to parents… Read More »

back to school tech

Back-to-School Apps For Whole-Family Survival


Make getting your kid back into the grind more fun than ever September can be crazy hectic — sale frenzies, nervous kids, and (brace yourself) impending frost. Ugh. We said it. So we rounded up some apps to make the transition from summer days to the school grind a little easier for everyone involved. You… Read More »

Teach Your Child to Be An Internet-Savvy Kid Blogger


With tips from teacher-leader, social-media ninja and awesome dad Royan Lee Creative kids on the lookout for new ways to express themselves might enjoy starting a blog to preserve memories and exercise their writing chops. “I let my own children blog for two main reasons. The first is essentially to keep a scrapbook of their… Read More »

memory keeping apps

Memory Keeping Apps for Smartphone Scrapbooking


6 apps for keeping your summer memories The epic fort made in the backyard, the song sang in the car on the way to the cottage, the crazy s’more concoction invented by the campfire – make sure none of that goes undocumented. Equip yourself with the right tools so you can simply bust out your… Read More »

ibird fun photo by Niles Ritter

6 Apps for Outdoor Summer Fun


6 neat ways to ramp up outdoor fun As much as we want our kids to have lo-fi, unplugged fun this summer, there’s no denying that you can amplify your summer activities with some well-curated apps. Ditch the field guide (heavy) and the maps (impossible to fold). All you need to crush your summer bucket list… Read More »

ipad addiction

Kid iPad Addiction: Is Your Toddler Hooked?


It’s hard enough for a grown-up to limit iPad use. How is iPad addiction affecting our kids?   If you’ve ever needed a moment to yourself and handed your kid an iPad, you know how they can go from scattered to rapt in about 10 seconds. Turn on some Angry Birds, some Toki Doki or… Read More »

6 Awesome iPad Apps for Kids: The Best Apps for Family Fun


Our six favourite kid-friendly iPad apps for solo and family play Toca Tea Party It doesn’t matter if you spill at this tea party. Set up your “table” with your choice of tablecloth, tea cups and saucers and an assortment of petit fours and tea sandwiches. Don’t forget to stick up that pinkie! For iPad.… Read More »


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