Tales from the Hammer

A Very Birthday Playlist


Robyn Knickle’s kids have precocious taste in music My daughter turns three next weekend so I asked her and her brother what they would like to hear on the birthday party playlist. Here is what they said: “The Lipstick Song” “The Girl Song” “The Robot Song” “Animator Three” “The Water Song” “The Magic Song” “Rudie’s Song”… Read More »

Learning the Hard Way: All Daycares Are Not Created Equal


Sometimes the easiest way isn’t always the right way I have learned two invaluable lessons this month: The easy way is not necessarily the right way. I need to start trusting my gut. My son started kindergarten this year so he had to leave our beloved daycare.  The problem was that his school hadn’t switched… Read More »

From the Crib to the Classroom


Robyn Knickle is sending her four-year-old off to school. Where did the time go? So, remember last post when I was so excited that my kids were finally out of the baby stage? I’ve changed my mind. My little man starts kindergarten this week and I’m not ready. He has a backpack, a snack bag and… Read More »

Giving Up Baby


Robyn Knickle’s kids are shedding their babyish ways—and Robyn couldn’t be happier The times, they are a-changin’! My babies have become kids. Cribs have become beds, highchairs have become regular seats at the dinner table, and bottles have become cups. I welcome this change with open arms. I’ve been waiting for this for four years!… Read More »

Food Drive, She Said


Think food drives are just for Christmas and Thanksgiving? Think again It’s summertime! If you’re like me, your weekends are spent kicking back with a mojito as the kids run through the sprinkler and build castles in the sandbox. It’s so carefree – most of our time is spent outside, bedtimes are pushed back (thanks, late sunset!),… Read More »

The Knickle’s Excellent Family Camping Adventure


No glamping here — the Knickle family is roughing it old-school I have always loved camping. That being said, I’m not interested unless I can drive to my campsite and I really need access to running water and flushable toilets, (yep, I’m one of those people). I do, however, absolutely love sleeping in a tent, sitting around… Read More »

Dear Stay-at-Home Parent: How Do You Do It?


Robyn actually looks forward to going back to work on Mondays. Here’s why: Dear Stay-at-Home Parent, How do you do it? How do you spend all day every day at home with your kids and still keep your sanity? Here I sit, at the end of a fun-filled weekend with my kids and I’m exhausted… Read More »

Potty Training Success: The One Tip You Need to Know


Robyn shares the one thing you need for guaranteed potty training success Here it is, my unsolicited mom advice:  Don’t start toilet training your kids until they’re almost three years old. If you’ve been keeping track of my posts, you’ve read all about our poopgate situation.  My son (almost four) is finally fully toilet trained,… Read More »

Girl Toys vs. Boy Toys: Does Gender Matter When it Comes to Fun?


Robyn’s house doesn’t include gender-roles or gender-specific toys. Does yours? We had friends over recently, who looked at the dolls, the My Little Ponies, and the kitchen set in the playroom and claimed that “girl’s toys” were foreign to them, as both their kids are boys. What they failed to consider, however, was that some… Read More »

The Week of the Gummy Worm


Robyn’s husband guest posts in a very sweet Tales from the Hammer When I was a kid, I had a soft spot for gummy candies — fuzzy peaches, sour keys and those wonderful cola-flavoured pop bottles.  Through the years, the need for such things had unfortunately faded away. A couple of months ago, I was in… Read More »

The Knickles Love Hamilton and All Its Parks


Robyn Knickle shares stories from Hamilton, Ont. There are a lot of really great things about Hamilton.  A great arts community, beautifully architectured buildings, and a ton of green space and hiking trails; the list could go on forever.  Some of my favourite things here, however, are the parks.  They are big, historic and so much… Read More »

Asking Where Babies Come From: Cutest Conversation Ever


Robyn Knickle shares stories from Hamilton, Ont. My favourite conversation happened this week in the wee hours of the morning, when I rolled over in bed to find my 3-year old son, Rudie, next to me: Rudie: Mommy, can I ask you something? Me (very sleepily): Sure, buddy. Rudie: Who made me? Me: Mommy and… Read More »


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