Superdad Month

Superdad Month Roundup


A look back at the month when dads took over Bunchland We declared October Superdad Month here at Bunchland, in light of last month’s guest editor, Christopher Shulgan and his recently-released book Superdad: A Memoir of Rebellion, Drugs and Fatherhood. And you know what? It was fun having some dudes around Bunchland HQ. We spend… Read More »

Will Smith Is the King of (A Certain Kind of) Rap


Guest writer Dalton Higgins shares hip-hop music videos inspired by fatherhood In the realm of pop culture pops –  with a hip-hop twist – who really appear to support their seedlings, Will Smith stands tall above the rest. Pre-Willow Smith hoopla, Will was cranking out songs and accompanying videos with all kinds of parent-friendly subject… Read More »

In Defense of the Lowly Tootsie Roll


My twice-a-month parenting column for Eye Weekly posted today… I was talking to an old friend about the unwrapped Dentyne gum pieces my kids got last Halloween, when the offer came: “Why don’t you trick-or-treat with the kids up in our neighbourhood?” Which bugged me. I’d been in the midst of complaining that too few… Read More »

Franzen, Freedom and Family Betrayal


So like seemingly every other writer in Toronto, I’ve been reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, and last night around 1:30 a.m., I finished it. Was it the masterpiece it was hailed as in this review by the New York Times? Naw, I don’t think so. Its excellence follows an upward curve; it starts rough, then gets… Read More »

The Curse in Art


Guest writer Dalton Higgins shares a different fatherhood-inspired hip-hop video each day this week Some of the greatest art, music and cinema of our times contains curse words, profanities, vulgarity, from Scarface to Jay-Z. My daughter recently informed that me that there are certain cuss words that have become are all the rage in her… Read More »

Do Engaged Fathers Empower Women?


                    The New York Times magazine ran a really thought-provoking essay in a special issue on empowering women yesterday. By Lisa Belkin, author of the paper’s Motherlode parenting blog, the piece (linked here) argues that women’s careers won’t achieve equality with men until men assume equal… Read More »

Videogame Week: The Conclusion


So you know the conflict, right? My parents introduced my kid to Nintendo Wii. He’s become obsessed with Mario Kart. I talked to experts about introducing kids to virtual entertainments; one that suggested yes, go for it, and then one that was just plain scary. Before I came to any decision, I was still mulling… Read More »

Fatherhood 4.0: Hip-Hop Pops


Guest writer Dalton Higgins shares a different fatherhood-inspired hip-hop video each day this week Howdy Bunch familia, The name is Dalton Higgins – Daddy Dalt, to my friends – and my aim is to take you on my hip-hoppy, digitally-inspired, multi-culti journey through fatherhood, as my fourth book, Fatherhood 4.0: iDad Applications Across Cultures, does.… Read More »

Videogame Week: The Nightmare Scenario


After the interview with videogame critic Josh Ostroff, I still wasn’t certain whether I should buy my 4-year-old son a Nintendo Wii. So I called up Robin Benger, an old friend of mine. Robin is a Toronto documentary filmmaker and father to three children, including his oldest, 25-year-old Griffin Benger, who first started playing videogames… Read More »

Videogame Week: Is 4 Too Young For a Wii?


Joshua Ostroff is the music editor for AOL’s and the videogame critic for Exclaim magazine. He’s also an old friend and the father of 13-month-old Emile. As the owner of all three major consoles and a big advocate for interactive culture,  Joshua was certain to challenge my wariness about games and kids, as I… Read More »

Videogame Week: The Question of Videogames


My parents have the Nintendo Wii. My house does not. Nor do I have an Xbox 360 or a PS3. This slide into a videogame-less existence did not happen intentionally. Up until the last console generation I was a fairly faithful gamer; not diehard, but I made it a point to buy the latest PS-whatever,… Read More »

Superdad vs. Bunch: The Debate


Wow! Raw-ish video of last week’s debate between Bunch Family‘s Rebecca Brown and Superdad writer Christopher Shulgan, in a no-holds-barred battle to the finish over the topic, “Is Fatherhood Lame?” Try not to pay attention to the shakiness of the video and just listen to the discussion of the way pop culture portrays parenting, particularly… Read More »


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