Sunday Morning

This Sunday Morning: Eat Apple Pie For Breakfast, Play Extreme Hopscotch


Your Sunday morning plan To start: a delicious, country-fair inspired treat to get your energy up and to please your palate. Next: a sidewalk game that takes hopscotch to the next level. Here’s your recipe for a killer Sunday morning. PERSONAL APPLE PIES BAKED IN THE APPLE Who says pie can’t be for breakfast? Not… Read More »

This Sunday: Make French Toast Nugget Skewers, Stain Glass Your Windows


Your Sunday morning plan: This Sunday, celebrate summer with some BBQ-season-inspired french toast nugget kebabs designed with mucho kid appeal. Then, give one of your windows a funky stained glass treatment so sunlight can pour in with a magical, multi-coloured glow. EAT THIS: Kebabs amp up the fun factor of any meal. The beauty of… Read More »

This Sunday: Make Garden Party Tea Sandwiches and Play a Leisurely Game of DIY Lawn Croquet


Your Mother’s Day morning plan! If what mom really wants in her special day is to lounge around in bed till noon and then make grilled cheese, this is totally the day to do it. But for those who wake up with a little more spring in their step, why not put together a garden… Read More »

This Sunday: Munch On Some Teacup Trifles, Make Flying Porch Jellyfish


Your Sunday morning plan A spring morning calls for a fruity and fresh breakfast, followed with an outdoor craft. Pureed berries and homemade biscuits get molded into a teacup (or a mug/chalice/goblet/up to you) for a personalized treat. After you’re good and sated, celebrate the spring weather by giving your front porch some flair. These… Read More »

This Sunday Make Spring Omelettes and Go Puddle Jumping


Your Sunday Morning Plan Vegetable omelets are always a tasty and nutritious brunch choice, but when spring veggies like asparagus are in season, they’re just that much better. And ’round these parts, we’re expected to experience a whole bunch of rain this weekend, might as well take advantage of it. EAT Is there anything healthier… Read More »

This Sunday: Have a Full Irish Breakfast and Go Looking for a Pot of Gold and Four-Leaf Clovers


Your Sunday Morning plan… which works rather well for Saturday too St. Patrick’s Day is when we celebrate even a little bit of Irish heritage, put on the John McDermott album and find our greenest t-shirt. And while it ends up being an all-day pub party for some, there’s plenty of non-beer and whisky fun… Read More »

This Sunday: Scarf Some Scone Flowers, Drink From Apple Goblets and Play Pinball


Your Sunday Morning plan Is it spring yet? Maybe not. But we’re taking that tinge of warmth in the air as a reason to celebrate the last legs of winter. The sun will be out before we know it, and then tulips and sprouts! Park days and picnics! Until then, we suggest making a scone ring… Read More »

This Sunday: Oatmeal Sundaes and Autumn Leaf Pressing


Your Sunday Morning Plan It’s still warm enough to play outside without freezing your face off, and just cool enough to crave something comforting and toasty. The perfect November Sunday morning consists of pressing fall leaves after enjoying an oatmeal sundae bar, we say! Eat: Kids can make their own masterpiece with this fun and… Read More »

This Sunday: Peach Bellinis, Blueberry Syrup and Check Out Some Buskers


Your Sunday Morning Plan EAT: Oh man! Summer! Where did it go?? Wasn’t Victoria Day like last week? Time to have an end of summer brunch party so you don’t miss any moment of precious warm, sunny summerness before it’s gone again. To soak up every last drop of the warm weather, celebrate late summer… Read More »

This Sunday: Have a Continental Breakfast and Play Drip, Drip, Drop


Your Sunday Morning Plan Unless you’re in one of the western states or provinces (or Newfoundland), it’s pretty darn hot. Almost too hot for anything, really. But we figure we can’t just spend the whole weekend stuck in the basement with a movie marathon, subsisting on popsicles. (We won’t judge you if this is your… Read More »

This Sunday: Make Pancake Art and Eat It


Your Sunday Morning Plan We’ve been thinking a lot about art this week, what with Aelita Andre’s NYC gallery show and Bunchlander art, not to mention the kickoff to Luminato. We know that Sunday Morning is a specific brunch food and activity, but this week they are one in the same! What do we want… Read More »

This Sunday: Make Baked French Toast and Play French Hopscotch


Your Sunday Morning plan EAT: Not only is this French toast recipe super easy with ingredients you already have around the house, you can also make it the night before to maximize coffee and paper time in the morning. There are any number of little variations on baked French toast, but we like this one… Read More »


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