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Culturatti Dads Write Letters for Mother’s Day


This past Valentine’s Day, we coaxed creative dads into spilling their guts and sharing love letters to their families. The stuff we got back was heartwarming and funny and probably scored those dudes some serious brownie points. For Mother’s Day, we figured we could get a new crop of culturatti dads to open up and… Read More »

The Bunchland Guide to March Break


A week without school? Yes please! But what are you supposed to do with all the oodles of free time ahead of you? Fear not, because Bunchland presents our Guide to March Break.  We asked Bunchland families to submit their awesomest March Break ideas to us as part of our Monster Factory contest. We’ve also… Read More »

March Break Guide: Build a Town


We at Bunchland have to say we’re happy Lego still gets some play. We had buckets of the stuff back in our youth. These days, building huge towns out of the plastic blocks can have really impressive results like these. And did you know there are even theme parks devoted to it? Jennifer and Christian… Read More »

March Break Guide: Abstract Art Party


Why blow a fortune on pricey paintings when you can create masterpieces in your very own home? This family plans to make art the fun way, as in the paint-splattered-everywhere, art-classes-who-needs-’em kind of way.  We’d recommend renting the film Pollock for inspiration, except it’s not exactly wholesame family viewing. But even better, we’ve wrangled Toronto artist Thrush Holmes to offer tips… Read More »

March Break Guide: Scavenger Hunt


Halina, Fil, Melody and Bianca are planning a family scavenger hunt to keep the good times rolling over MB. A good scavenger hunt can be insanely fun. You can play against other families or each other.  Ridiculously large-scale scavenger hunts go on all around the world, including one that last four days at the University… Read More »

March Break Guide: Reading List


Ayelet Waldman is the author of Bad Mother, a book that presents the controversial idea that women should love their husbands more than their kids. One Oprah audience member got so mad about Ayelet’s book that she tried to beat her up (Ayelet, not Oprah). But can someone who shares This American Life episodes with her kids truly be… Read More »

March Break Guide: Music List


Jason Collett is a member of Broken Social Scene and solo performer. His forthcoming album, Rat a Tat Tat, comes out March 9. Dan Zanes has released six children’s records with the Grammy-winning group he fronts, Dan Zanes and Friends. What’s one thing they have in common? Exceptional taste in music, of course. Here they’ve cherry-picked their… Read More »

March Break Guide: Movie List


We’re not surprised that Clement Virgo, who’s directed episodes of the super-gritty crime series The Wire, among other things, would recommend a French New Wave film about a troubled child as family viewing. But we’re happy we got a more challenging list from him. If you don’t feel your 4-year-old is ready for The 400 Blows, you… Read More »

March Break Guide: Inter-Family Iron Chef Competition


We don’t know if you’ve ever seen an episode of Iron Chef America, but it’s kind of like watching two celebrated chefs completely lose their minds for an hour. They’re pitted against each other in a high-speed cooking battle based around a theme ingredient, with the ultimate goal of impressing a panel of judges. This… Read More »


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