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Talking Screen Time, Baby


There are new ‘Media Use Guidelines’ announced by the American Academy of Pediatrics, updating their last 2011 statement that advised against screen time for under-2s. The new plan recommends that families develop a ‘Media Use Plan’ that includes limiting access during mealtimes and imposing bedtime curfews on devices — and recommending that pediatricians ask about media use… Read More »

image by kelli anderson of the human torso with skeletal and ventricular systems

The Human Body App


Tinybop is a relatively new design firm that specializes in creative and educational apps for kids. Their first project has finally hit the streets and it’s super cool. Check out this video introduction to The Human Body App: Artist Kelli Anderson did all of the illustrations that went into creating the moving parts and pieces… Read More »

6 Tech Products That Actually Make Parenting Easier


The best kind of tech support out there Only two decades ago, parents were relegated to practical house arrest once a baby came. Their only methods of communication with the outside world were the telephone, cable TV,  the newspaper and an occasional friend dropping by. As if that wasn’t hard enough, there were limited distractions… Read More »


Kinect Sesame Street Invites Kids To Play Along Like Never Before


There’s a new way to get to Sesame Street   Last week, we told you about the app that lets you call Elmo for a chat if you find yourself in a tight parenting jam. Now the whole Sesame Street crew wants to invite your kid to join in the fun through your TV. Are you… Read More »

rad reading apps

5 Rad Reading Apps For Kids


Get a new reader to fall in love with books, one page swipe at a time For kids who want to rock their reading homework this year, brushing up with an app is a great place to start. We love reading apps because they help new readers help themselves. They guide kids through a story… Read More »

Kids and Social Media: A Parent’s Guide


Teaching your kid to have a healthy relationship with social media Social media is everywhere, and whether you yourself tweet, tumble or like, there’s a good chance your kid either is—or wants to. But even if you’re reticent to outfit your own child with a plethora of avatars and handles, there’s no denying that social… Read More »


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