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Baby Eczema Ain’t No Picnic


You know what totally sucks for babies and the people who love and care for babies? Baby eczema. It just really stinks. And it can be scary trying to find products that you can feel good about using on sensitive baby skin. Probably you will take to the Google to try and figure out what… Read More »

Building Community at Moorelands


As we’ve pointed out before, the trials and tribulations of summer camp are what make it memorable. For the campers at Moorelands Wilderness Camp, there is research to back that up. A study conducted with the University of Toronto in 2000 helped shape the summer camp’s emphasis on positive problem-solving — helping kids find solutions by bringing the… Read More »

Taking A Breather From City Life


Remember summer camp? Remember the swimming hole and bug bites and learning archery and hiding out in the craft cabin? Me neither. I grew up poor. My experience of camp was lived vicariously through novels like the Paula Danziger classic There’s a Bat in Bunk Five. But though I dreamed all my childhood about ‘sleepaway… Read More »

Bonding in the Wilderness: Boys Are Nurtured at Camp


Sometimes, when you take the time to really find out what’s working and what’s not working, what you learn can surprise you. That was the case when Moorelands Wilderness Camp decided to take a deep look into the services they were offering. This camp from Moorelands Community Services, a registered children’s charity, exists for kids who have no… Read More »

Eating at Mandarin Restaurant on Shabbos


When my husband was a little Jewish kid living in the townhouses at York Mills and Bayview, going to Mandarin restaurant for Friday night dinner (Shabbos) was a big treat. Given Jewish dietary restrictions (no pork, no shellfish) it might seem odd to you that a Jewish family would eat at Mandarin on the Sabbath but… Read More »

5 Ways Summer Fun Can Be Smelly


1. Castles made of sand. Keeping watch over your beach babies is one of the best ways to spend a summer day. Of course, by the time you pack up the snacks, drinks, hats, suits, sunscreen, blankets and umbrellas, you can work up a sweat before you even reach the sandy shore. 2. Stroller on… Read More »

Chocolate Helps


True or false, guys? When your house is a disaster and your kids are playing tug of war at the top of the stairs with your favourite scarf, chocolate helps. True. When you’re late for soccer and you can’t find your keys, chocolate helps. True. When you’re a blubbering mess packing up the last of… Read More »

Summer Be Coming!


Summer’s on its way, and it’s time to protect your family’s skin from Mr. Sunshine. Cause the Tan Mom look is so 2000-and-never. Even though the product has “baby” in the name, Aveeno Baby Sun is also the perfect solution for mom and dad (and we always support anything that satisfies the needs of the… Read More »

Beware a Super Moisturized Baby


Did you know that Aveeno Daily Baby Lotion is #1 pediatrician recommended? We understand that Aveeno Daily Baby Lotion is fast absorbing, and protects baby’s skin for 24 hours from chafing, chapping and cracking. It also contains collodial oatmeal, which is known for its ability to hold in moisture. Plus, well, it just smells awesome. But… Read More »

SunRype Smoooooothies


Fans of SunRype’s delicious juices and snacks might be chuffed to know they are coming out with a new line of smoothies! We love our smoothies here at Bunch, but lets be realistic. Even if you have time to wash and chop the fruit and veg, cleaning your blender every morning just feels like so… Read More »

Softsoap Giveaway!


Skin is in. You know what else is in? Winning free stuff. We recently received this most delicious basket of scented goodies from the kind people at Softsoap. These nine bodywashes feature all of the products from their Fragrance and Body Butter Collections. There’s a tasty scent that will appeal to the whole family. Into citrus… Read More »

Mmm Salad. (No, really!)


Yeah. Normally we really aren’t that into salad. Every Wednesday the Bunch Team joins the wider office building for the weekly salad social. Our offices are within the CSI compound – the Center for Social Innovation, home to entrepreneurs, social change businesses, and non-profits. The deal is this: everyone brings 1 veg and 1 protein… Read More »


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