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back from camp and back from boy-land

Back to Boy-land: Home Again


The toilet seat is up, wet towels are on the bathroom floor, dirty clothes are dumped beside unmade beds and the house smells like, well, teenage boy. Yup, the perfect storm: the kids have blown in from overnight camp. I’m not claiming the place was in perfect order while they were away – I’m a disorganized slob. But… Read More »

family without children: Jenn and her nieces on one of their many outings

Making A Family Without Kids Of Your Own


Being single and childless at 40 was certainly not my master plan but life is not easily manipulated. Life throws you to the unexpected and in the end you either sink or you swim. In the wise words of my seven-year-old niece Olivia, “Life is a mystery.” I was in a long-term partnership for 14… Read More »

Aviva ponders everything she's not getting done while the mice are away

While The Mice Are Away (The Cat Should Get Some Work Done)


The kids are at sleepover camp for three-and-a-half weeks. Well, it’s down to 3 weeks now. I decided to use the first few days to bring my computer up to my parents’ cottage on a beautiful lake and accomplish nothing — unless you count fighting with them about all the things I’m not doing to… Read More »

Kids and Their Toys Around the World


Just yesterday, I found myself driving home from a big box toy store with a trunk full of plastic junk for my toddler. I was feeling mostly okay about it, since it was the first time in almost two years that I’d bought brand-new. Just being in that store made me dizzy, and it wasn’t… Read More »

Light Drinking While Pregnant

Warning: Drinking While Pregnant (Will Be Judged)


There’s a great chapter in Dan Savage’s terrific adoption memoir The Kid in which he and his boyfriend Terry are offered the chance to adopt a baby. The mother is six months along — and the catch is that she was drinking heavily before she knew she was pregnant, so there’s an increased risk of… Read More »

Dog Days of School

Dog Days of School


“The administration needs to take more responsibility,” the Vice Principal said. I had just pointed out that no learning was currently happening, and that my kid had opted to hang out with his friends at the park that day. “Since they got home from the grade 8 grad trip two weeks ago, they haven’t been doing… Read More »

Scientific American Ungifted

Is Your Child Ungifted? Keep Testing Them Until you Fix It


It seems that if there is any trend that will stand out as the Achilles heel of this generation of parents it will be the collective obsession with producing gifted children. Testing for a variety of setbacks to giftedness (truthiness’s prettier sister) has been pushed to a younger and younger age as human development has… Read More »


Therapy: It’s Probably Time You Went


If you are anxiously anticipating the birth of your first child or if you plan on remaining with the parent of your current children I would advise you to ignore a whole boatload of advice that’s floating around in the ether and to commit yourself to one specific act as a family. I will go… Read More »

Finnish Baby in a Box

Finnish Babies Sleep In Cardboard Boxes: Maybe Ours Should Too


When it comes to supporting parents, the Canadian government is partial to nice platitudes and family-this, family-that (and maybe a few tax breaks) rather than policies that could change lives. A few years ago our federal government decided to send out $100 cheques in lieu of a comprehensive national child care program, which was supposedly imminent during… Read More »

Talking Back to the Racist Backlash


By now you’ve likely heard of or seen the Cheerios ad featuring an interracial family. The commercial elicited such racist comments that the company disabled commenting on YouTube. In the meantime, people from interracial families weighed in with stories of their own.

Can Same Sex Marriage Save Straight Marriage?


The Atlantic has published a fantastic cover story in their June issue – on newsstands this week – that is a must-read for anyone who has an opinion on marriage. (So, everybody). Author Liza Mundy makes some very interesting observations about shaking up the institution. This about sums it up: Same-sex spouses, who cannot divide their labor based… Read More »

Breastfeeding Until Three? It Wasn’t the Plan


Traditionally, when my mother has told the story of breastfeeding me she has been careful about what company we’re in. I guess she’s had enough of the eyerolls and the gasps. What she always told me is that I was breastfed until I was two years old, and that near the end it was almost… Read More »


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