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Parental Leave: Daniel Murphy takes a measly three days off to bond with his new baby and support his wife, and baseball freaks the fuck out

Ball Player Takes Parental Leave — Radio Jocks Freak Out


It’s a kind of litmus test for the cultural shift that’s happening, as more and more dads insist on being hands-on during their children’s earliest days: New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy missed the season opener and took three whole days off when his first child was born last week. Cue the end of the… Read More »

2 "bronies" dressed my little pony mascots

Does Brony Culture Promote Homophobia?


You already know I have some things to say about My Little Pony. And in that I have already confessed to watching the Brony documentary. We’ve established that: I think My Little Pony is just okay; that my daughter watches it and plays with the toys sometimes; and that I like breaking down gender constructs.… Read More »

My Little Pony: Friendship is Meh


Here’s something you might not know (unless you, like me, have, uh, Wikipedia): the original My Little Pony was called My Pretty Pony. It was created for Romper Room in the same year I was born. A couple years later its creator wound up working for Hasbro and reinventing the toy into My Little Pony.… Read More »

Reasons My Daughter is Crying


Apparently there’s a popular Tumblr site called Reasons My Son is Crying. I’m a bit late to the game on this one given that the book is already out, though as Bunch has already pointed out, the guy’s kid is probably crying because he looks like Ferris Bueller. Perhaps I was drawn to the site… Read More »

Dealing with loss: the little mermaid

Dealing With Loss: Then and Now


I remember the first time that I really felt grief, the kind that completely overwhelms the body and sends sobs as loud and powerful as tidal waves up and out from the gut. It was 1980-something, and I had stumbled upon an animated version of Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. What I watched from… Read More »

transracial adoption

Interracial adoption: Advice For Parents


Most interracial adoption cases involve white parents adopting kids of colour, as Frank Ligtvoet writes in his op-ed for The New York Times. Such is the case in Ligtvoet’s family: two white dads raising two black kids in Brooklyn, N.Y. And from what he’s learned raising their 7-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, he feels strongly that… Read More »

toddler legs sitting on parent's lap in the subway

Why I Will Never Love Your Mother’s Awful Jerk Boyfriend


A few days ago, Thought Catalog crossed a line. Twenty-three year-old provocateur Jeremy King took it upon himself to let us all know that having a girlfriend with an autistic son, in his thoughtful opinion “sucks.” And that said autistic son sucks, and that the said girlfriend will always be burdened with the suckage of said… Read More »


Am I Forcing Cool on My Kid?


My toddler Anna is standing on her booster seat scream-singing, “Helpless, helpless, heeelp-less…” She demands that someone get her down from her seat, now. This is hilarious to the adults in the room, and those I tell the story to later because: 1. Tiny kid  2. Singing Neil Young  3. Like a boss. She’s almost 3… Read More »


Dogs At School


I have always had animals in my life. I have two cats right now, I have had close to a dozen cats over the course of my lifetime. But I have also been a dog owner to a rescue dog that we named Sugar, a Norwegian Elkhound that my mother and I adopted when I… Read More »


Sex And Social Media


Every few years sees a fresh burst of panic about kids gone wild, dangerous sexcapades, “blow jobs are the new kissing”, followed by a hue and cry that our teens will never know true intimacy and social media is to blame. This begs the un-sexy question of what we’re doing about it beyond moralizing. Other… Read More »


All Families Include All Kinds Of People


I have been thinking a lot about Putin and anti-gay legislation in Russia, and worrying about LGBT families there. And how I’m going to convince everyone I know to care about this issue and to boycott Sochi in one way or another. The problem with getting people to care about anything is that they usually don’t until… Read More »

Uptown Boy: A take-out sign in neon

West End Boy


We like to call our neighbourhood ‘Bloorcourt’ when we’re feeling fancy. And when we aren’t we call it ‘Parkdale North’ because that’s where people who can’t afford to rent ‘downtown’ live. You know, people like us. We don’t have a nice house — we don’t even own our house — but our riches, they are… Read More »


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