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kids playing hockey

Confessions of A Reluctant Hockey Mom


Last year my son Rain said the unthinkable. “Mom, I want to play hockey.” I tried bribing him with drum lessons instead. I’ve heard horror stories of minor league hockey taking over people’s lives. Winter weekends suddenly spent watching their breath in freezing arenas rather than curled in front of a fireplace. Family vacations morphed into… Read More »

transracial adoption

Interracial adoption: Advice For Parents


Most interracial adoption cases involve white parents adopting kids of colour, as Frank Ligtvoet writes in his op-ed for The New York Times. Such is the case in Ligtvoet’s family: two white dads raising two black kids in Brooklyn, N.Y. And from what he’s learned raising their 7-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, he feels strongly that… Read More »

toddler legs sitting on parent's lap in the subway

Why I Will Never Love Your Mother’s Awful Jerk Boyfriend


A few days ago, Thought Catalog crossed a line. Twenty-three year-old provocateur Jeremy King took it upon himself to let us all know that having a girlfriend with an autistic son, in his thoughtful opinion “sucks.” And that said autistic son sucks, and that the said girlfriend will always be burdened with the suckage of said… Read More »

how not to apologize

How Not To Apologize


I’m not much of a political animal; I vote and I keep somewhat current with the issues of the day, but my husband cares a lot more than I do. The humorist Calvin Trillin once wrote that he was keeping track of the Middle East as a birthday present for his wife. This is the… Read More »


Am I Forcing Cool on My Kid?


My toddler Anna is standing on her booster seat scream-singing, “Helpless, helpless, heeelp-less…” She demands that someone get her down from her seat, now. This is hilarious to the adults in the room, and those I tell the story to later because: 1. Tiny kid  2. Singing Neil Young  3. Like a boss. She’s almost 3… Read More »

high school, they make it look so scary don't they? Imposing view of the front of Northern Secondary School in Toronto

High School: Who’s Having A Hard Time Adjusting Here?


“Have you got your schedule?” “Yup.” “Have you got your lunch?” “Yup.” “Your token?” “Yup.” “Have a great day!” “Yup.” And off he goes. Out the door to the streetcar and then the subway to his high school, almost nine kilometres away. I have a vivid memory of him at 9 months old. I’d just… Read More »

giving birth in the 1940's

Giving Birth: Three Ways


My mom is here for a visit and I’ve been trying to collect family stories. I do this every time I see her. Our people are very spread out all across North America and those family stories, the ones my son will one day ask me about, are at risk of disappearing if don’t make… Read More »

breastfeeding as ninja meditation: they love to hang on

Breastfeeding as Ninja Meditation


I expected to have some trouble learning to breastfeed because I’d read all these horrors stories about the dreaded latch and nipples falling off and babies who were born to drink formula and I felt lucky when we overcame any tiny troubles without incident. Breastfeeding for me has mostly been a joy because it is… Read More »

cartoon of imaginary friend getting a child in trouble

Imaginary Friends May Make Kids Smarter


If you ever worried about your child having imaginary friends, it may be time to start bragging. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, imaginary friends tend to enhance the development of children’s inner dialogue. This helps them solve problems and complete more complex tasks right now, and later when they… Read More »

nits are nuts

Nits Will Make You Nuts


One night shortly after I tuck her in, my daughter inches her way down the stairs. “Mom, I have three problems.” “Oh really?” I ask, eyeing her skeptically. She has three minutes before being shipped back to bed, so she spits it out quickly: “ONE. I need a drink.” “TWO. I can’t sleep.” “THREE. My… Read More »


Dogs At School


I have always had animals in my life. I have two cats right now, I have had close to a dozen cats over the course of my lifetime. But I have also been a dog owner to a rescue dog that we named Sugar, a Norwegian Elkhound that my mother and I adopted when I… Read More »


Sex And Social Media


Every few years sees a fresh burst of panic about kids gone wild, dangerous sexcapades, “blow jobs are the new kissing”, followed by a hue and cry that our teens will never know true intimacy and social media is to blame. This begs the un-sexy question of what we’re doing about it beyond moralizing. Other… Read More »


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