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Toddler skiing can be no big deal: kids can start as young as 18 months old

Toddler Ski: Tips for Tots


Did the amazing Alexandre Bilodeau and his Olympic success inspire you to get your kids on the slopes? Beginner skiing is way more about balance and getting comfortable on skis than it is about going fast downhill. Here are a few quick tips for good times with the tinies – on skis.    1. Let them get used… Read More »

considering parenthood

Considering Parenting? I Hope You Like Cold Soup


The other night I made my daughter and I Pho-style soup; mine with lemongrass-y tom yum base and hers with chicken stock. I put ice cubes in hers, and then I chased her around the apartment trying to get her to wash her hands and come to the table, which took forever. I ate cold… Read More »


Swaddle Me Until It’s Over


I’m usually pretty sanguine about winter. That wasn’t the case when I first moved here as a child from damp ol’ England. But southern Alberta’s relentless sunshine — and its well-timed Chinook winds (able to melt a snowbank in an afternoon!) — changed my mind. As an adult, I learned that making myself go outside and play was key to making it through,… Read More »

Yellow with white polka dots: Ben in his dress

Yellow With White Polka Dots


Some of you may know that my kid likes bow ties. He loves to dress up. What you might not know is that he also likes dresses. At home, he ties blankets around his waist as skirts, and occasionally he will wear one of my shorter dresses. He likes to put on my high heels… Read More »

A gruffalo sits in the deep dark woods.

Oh Help! Oh No! It’s A Gruffalo!


If you happen to know a Gruffalo lover then you are in luck! Unlike the Snuffleupagus of your youth, the Gruffalo intends to make himself known: not once, but twice in these winter months. Our friends at StoryMobs will be hosting another great live and interactive event where they will engage with all things Gruffalo.… Read More »

Doorknob Tooth Extraction

Wiggly Tooth — Doorknob Method


In our favourite post of 2014 thus far, Slate writer Paul Lukas stumbled on the heretofore unremarked-upon video sub-genre of kids’ wiggly teeth removed using the Doorknob Method. We have to admit: growing up, we weren’t aware there was any other way. We were stunned to learn, after most of our baby teeth were already dispatched… Read More »

Making reasonable resolutions

Making Reasonable Resolutions


I have a new theory about New Year’s resolutions: They need to be fun. A few years ago, in an attempt to make a resolution I’d actually remember enough to stick to, I vowed to start leaving parties at Peak Fun. That light bulb went off during a particularly great New Year’s party: “This is the… Read More »




I was in one of those healing crystal/singing bowl shops last week buying some handmade soap for a Christmas gift. I pulled a card from a pile at the counter: ‘Forgiveness’ it said in regal, purple cursive. “Appropriate,” I thought with a smile and buried it back in the stack. A couple of days ago a… Read More »

big Christmas dinner

Self-cleaning Tableware = No More Dishes!


Do you have a big holiday dinner planned? Will it leave you with a big holiday mountain of dishes? Thanks to Swedish design firm Tomorrow Machine and research company Innventia, big holiday dinners of the future may become a lot less labour intensive. That’s because they have developed prototype self-cleaning tableware. The tableware is made entirely out of cellulose.… Read More »

cocktail-inspired baby names

8 Cocktail-Inspired Baby Names


Innovative cocktails aren’t limited to your childfree past. If you’re already so over the latest wave of trending baby names, have we got a collection for you! Naming your new baby after a beloved cocktail will give your child a special connection to your bygone glory days — and get you through epic afternoon crying… Read More »

package of wagon wheels

Teachers’ Pension Plan Buys Into Wagon Wheels


They’re 159 calories apiece of chocolatey-marshmallow gooey goodness and if you want one, you’d better go ask the teacher. While declining to say whether or not this is a counter-intuitive strategy to combat junk-food addiction, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (or Teachers’ if you’re hip to pension lingo) just announced it has agreed to buy (twist my… Read More »

Dealing with loss: the little mermaid

Dealing With Loss: Then and Now


I remember the first time that I really felt grief, the kind that completely overwhelms the body and sends sobs as loud and powerful as tidal waves up and out from the gut. It was 1980-something, and I had stumbled upon an animated version of Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. What I watched from… Read More »


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