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an overhead view: aerial video of niagara falls

Feeling The Heat? Let This Cool You Off


Some talented YouTube user shot aerial video of Niagara Falls using something called a DJI Phantom quadcopter that he flew manually from a safe vantage point.

what if the royal baby is a changeling

What If The Royal Baby Is A Changeling?


Could happen. “In Great Britain and in Ireland, many people believe in ‘changelings.’ A changeling is a spirit or fairy who is substituted for a loved one; the changeling takes the place of the real person.”

the CN Tower in the background of a film screening

Watch Movies Outside: Summer Screenings In Toronto


Now that the heat feels like it’s here to stay might we suggest that you think about night-time activities that the whole family can enjoy outside? Here is a refined list of upcoming outdoor movie screenings in Toronto, ones that are particularly young person-friendly and delightfully FREE.

Breastfeeding Poet Slams Critics


Sometimes one person appears out of the ether who says exactly what most of us – the ones with hearts and brains – were already thinking. In the case of breastfeeding in public, that person is Hollie McNish. This video is what all of the fuss is about. I will give you my reaction to… Read More »

a beautiful body

It’s A Beautiful Body of Work


Photographer Jade Beall was sick of feeling bad about her post-baby body and wanted to inspire other women to embrace their newly altered selves. She started taking pictures of herself. They were honest, unphotoshopped images of a woman’s post-pregnancy body. After posting a few photos on her Facebook page women started contacting her, asking to… Read More »

baby stars are gassy too

Baby Stars Blast Gas Too – Out of Both Ends


Got a newborn baby that is a non-stop little gas machine? Don’t worry: It happens to stars too. Seriously, how great is this story from the Slate science roundup noting that baby stars are gassy? And that they shoot out both ends? “Some of the stars have gas blowing away from them in opposite directions. The detailed… Read More »

Hand waving

More Hand Waving About Gestures


PHOTO: CHRISTOPHER DICK Meri Perra’s post today about why we still use some hand gestures, while others are consigned to the dustbin of history, reminded me of some ancient and not-so-ancient hand gestures that caught my attention. Back on January 16, 1999, I was reading the Saturday Globe and Mail and saw an amazing photograph of a… Read More »

hand gestures

Hand Gestures: Why Do Some Stay And Some Go?


According to Spencer Kelly, an associate professor of psychology at Colgate University, there are two kinds of hand gestures. Co-speech gestures accompany our words when we when we talk, which researchers believe help us think, speak and learn. Emblematic gestures are culturally specific gestures we use to replace speech, such as the two-finger peace-sign, or the middle… Read More »

Look For The Helpers

Look For The Helpers


Adults and children alike will be discussing the horrific attacks yesterday at the Boston Marathon, during which one eight-year-old boy and two others lost their lives, and many others suffered severe injuries. We would all do well to remember the wisdom of Fred Rogers via this quote, which first circulated following the Sandy Hook shooting. And please read this excellent piece by Dr. Gene… Read More »

Red in the Face: Blushing for Dummies


By Carla Mundwiler If you’re like me, you are more than occasionally betrayed by your own face in situations where you’d rather appear cool and detached. It turns out that blushing is a healthy and important self defence mechanism. AsapSCIENCE, scientists Mitchell Moffitt and Gregory Brown, make hilarious videos about all sorts of embarrassing bodily… Read More »

When You Go Out in the Woods Today (Do Not Piss Off The Beavers)


We just told you to get out there and do some nature-loving this weekend, but keep this in mind when you’re taking your family in the woods: Don’t Mess With Beavers. Watch and learn from this Russian hiker, taking a stroll in the Tver District just outside Moscow this week. Sucker knocked him to the ground: source: Gawker

grover takes over twitter

Grover Takes Over Twitter


BREAKING: earlier this afternoon, your child’s favourite loveable gentlemonster, Grover, took over the twittersphere. Many were initially mystified as to what was actually happening. Some wondered if Grover was drunk-tweeting, or if the Sesame Street twitter account had fallen into the wrong hands.   Grover: If you do not retweet any more tweets, we will never… Read More »


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