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A gruffalo sits in the deep dark woods.

Oh Help! Oh No! It’s A Gruffalo!


If you happen to know a Gruffalo lover then you are in luck! Unlike the Snuffleupagus of your youth, the Gruffalo intends to make himself known: not once, but twice in these winter months. Our friends at StoryMobs will be hosting another great live and interactive event where they will engage with all things Gruffalo.… Read More »

big Christmas dinner

Self-cleaning Tableware = No More Dishes!


Do you have a big holiday dinner planned? Will it leave you with a big holiday mountain of dishes? Thanks to Swedish design firm Tomorrow Machine and research company Innventia, big holiday dinners of the future may become a lot less labour intensive. That’s because they have developed prototype self-cleaning tableware. The tableware is made entirely out of cellulose.… Read More »

package of wagon wheels

Teachers’ Pension Plan Buys Into Wagon Wheels


They’re 159 calories apiece of chocolatey-marshmallow gooey goodness and if you want one, you’d better go ask the teacher. While declining to say whether or not this is a counter-intuitive strategy to combat junk-food addiction, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (or Teachers’ if you’re hip to pension lingo) just announced it has agreed to buy (twist my… Read More »

cartoon of imaginary friend getting a child in trouble

Imaginary Friends May Make Kids Smarter


If you ever worried about your child having imaginary friends, it may be time to start bragging. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, imaginary friends tend to enhance the development of children’s inner dialogue. This helps them solve problems and complete more complex tasks right now, and later when they… Read More »


Why Are Babies So Delicious?


Ever wonder why we’re inclined to say things like, “I could just eat him up!” or “I just want to eat her face!” when a particularly adorable baby comes into view? Personally, I am still guilty of nibbling on my son’s toes, and he’s almost three. Truth is, he still has a tiny bit of that… Read More »

b.f. skinner's air crib in use in modern times

B.F. Skinner And The Crib Of The Future


Somewhere in the Gallery at the Centre for the History of Psychology in Akron, Ohio sits what might have been the most revolutionary accessory in infant and toddler care never to make it big. B.F. Skinner, famous for being the godfather of radical behaviourism — the theory that environment and genetic history play the greatest… Read More »

co-sleeping with your childrens may negatively affect quality of sleep and attachment. Maybe try dogs.

Co-Sleeping Affects Sleep Quality: May Affect Attachment


Co-sleeping. It’s the domestic detail many parents are less than eager to share: the fact that their school age child continues to sleep in their bed at night, and they continue to allow it. Or for proud advocates of the family bed, it’s a key part of attachment parenting. And for parents who couldn’t imagine sharing a bed… Read More »

Toys 'R' Us Ends Gender Segregation. This 1967 illustration from the Milton Bradley game Battleship shows Dad and his son playing the game while Mom and daughter finish the dishes. Fuck that.

UK Toys ‘R’ Us Ends Gender Segregation


UK-based campaign Let Toys Be Toys announced last Friday that after meeting with UK Toys ‘R’ Us, the retailer had committed to end the practice of labelling toys as being either for ‘girls’ or for ‘boys’. This is HUGE news. New standards for in-store signage will be introduced at UK Toys ‘R’ Us stores — and images will… Read More »

Nancy Frost: these are the stuffed toys she inspects

The Teddy Bear Hunter


The name Nancy Frost might be unfamiliar to you but she is a legend in the plush toy community. Ms. Frost has the unenviable task of chatting up carnies and then cutting into the cuddly creatures they surround themselves with. Is she a sociopath? A woman of ill repute? No. Nancy Frost does this dirty… Read More »

image by kelli anderson of the human torso with skeletal and ventricular systems

The Human Body App


Tinybop is a relatively new design firm that specializes in creative and educational apps for kids. Their first project has finally hit the streets and it’s super cool. Check out this video introduction to The Human Body App: Artist Kelli Anderson did all of the illustrations that went into creating the moving parts and pieces… Read More »

Potty treats: cupcakes decorated with icing underwear.

Potty Treats: This Is A Thing?


I guess I’ve barely skimmed the surface of the madness that will be potty training once our family decides to really go for it. We’ve been in a half-hearted holding pattern for months, all in anticipation of full-time daycare. The time is now. I’ve broken down and played the Elmo potty training DVD (and it’s… Read More »

an empty daycare lot full of toys

Your Daycare Might Be Toxic


It’s so common to hear about the desperate search for daycare in Toronto that we often forget that finding a daycare spot can only be the beginning of the trouble. We hear so little about issues with licensed child care because the stories about the failures of unlicensed centres are often epic and tragic. But… Read More »


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