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sew it goes

And Sew It Goes …


My daughter was sick the other day so I stayed home too, and we spent much of our day together on the couch. I tackled work email and leftover chores, while she watched endless episodes of My Little Pony — a fringe benefit of not having to share the television with her brother. In the… Read More »

more than twinkle, twinkle: two hands, one piano: photo of adult and baby hands on the keys

More Than Twinkle, Twinkle


The Bunch Guide to Little Kids + Music Lessons from new contributor Dana Baitz. I didn’t put my son in music lessons so that he could become a great musician — I’m a musician myself, so I know there are more important things. But I’ve discovered that helping with practicing can be a great way to interact meaningfully with your kid. Their… Read More »

Yellow with white polka dots: Ben in his dress

Yellow With White Polka Dots


Some of you may know that my kid likes bow ties. He loves to dress up. What you might not know is that he also likes dresses. At home, he ties blankets around his waist as skirts, and occasionally he will wear one of my shorter dresses. He likes to put on my high heels… Read More »




I was in one of those healing crystal/singing bowl shops last week buying some handmade soap for a Christmas gift. I pulled a card from a pile at the counter: ‘Forgiveness’ it said in regal, purple cursive. “Appropriate,” I thought with a smile and buried it back in the stack. A couple of days ago a… Read More »

high school, they make it look so scary don't they? Imposing view of the front of Northern Secondary School in Toronto

High School: Who’s Having A Hard Time Adjusting Here?


“Have you got your schedule?” “Yup.” “Have you got your lunch?” “Yup.” “Your token?” “Yup.” “Have a great day!” “Yup.” And off he goes. Out the door to the streetcar and then the subway to his high school, almost nine kilometres away. I have a vivid memory of him at 9 months old. I’d just… Read More »

giving birth in the 1940's

Giving Birth: Three Ways


My mom is here for a visit and I’ve been trying to collect family stories. I do this every time I see her. Our people are very spread out all across North America and those family stories, the ones my son will one day ask me about, are at risk of disappearing if don’t make… Read More »

breastfeeding as ninja meditation: they love to hang on

Breastfeeding as Ninja Meditation


I expected to have some trouble learning to breastfeed because I’d read all these horrors stories about the dreaded latch and nipples falling off and babies who were born to drink formula and I felt lucky when we overcame any tiny troubles without incident. Breastfeeding for me has mostly been a joy because it is… Read More »

nits are nuts

Nits Will Make You Nuts


One night shortly after I tuck her in, my daughter inches her way down the stairs. “Mom, I have three problems.” “Oh really?” I ask, eyeing her skeptically. She has three minutes before being shipped back to bed, so she spits it out quickly: “ONE. I need a drink.” “TWO. I can’t sleep.” “THREE. My… Read More »

Big Baby’s Big Week


Meet Big Baby. She’s what you might expect: a baby (doll) that is big. My 7-year-old daughter Moxie got her a few years ago and since then she has been a constant household figure. Because Big Baby is lifelike and the size of a five-month-old, sometimes she gets mistaken for a real baby. People flash… Read More »

'slut' Miley Cyrus takes a selfie in a quieter moment.

Dear Miley (From One Slut To Another)


Honey, I’m not even going to get to the cultural appropriation stuff because there’s waaay too much going on there and I’m nowhere near an expert on the subject except when it comes to taking admiration of another culture to slightly uncomfortable places. (I love Jews! I can’t help it!) But that is not what I… Read More »

Power Ranger Subway - a Tokyo man helps the elderly and women with strollers on inaccessible subways

WANTED: TTC Power Ranger Subway Superhero


Here in Toronto, we are in the midst of a loooongterm project to upgrade the TTC so that it’s entirely accessible (all 38 non-accessible subway stations are gradually being renovated to include elevators and accessible fare gates by 2025). In Tokyo, it’s a similar situation. In Tokyo, they have Power Rangers. A 27-year-old guy named Tadahiro Kanemasu decided… Read More »


The P in PRK is for Parenting (and Patience)


 “Where are your glasses, Mami?” Lucas asked as he peered into my face. “I see your eyes!” It was my first few hours home after laser PRK surgery and both Lucas and I were marvelling at my face – without glasses. It was the first time in a decade that I’d been able to see… Read More »


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