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Carly's homemade visual organizer.

Seeing is Believing: Visual Organizers


Children often feel powerless and anxious in a big world filled with new and ever-changing experiences.  Knowing ‘what comes next’ is both comforting and empowering.  Routines help promote positive behaviour as children develop a sense of mastery in handling their own lives.  When they feel confident in their ability to manage their daily routines they… Read More »

Hello Flo!


Have you seen the greatest period related ad of all time? It’s for a cute new company called Hello Flo that hopes to make menstruation a little less brutal, particularly for first-timers. The concept is pretty simple: you tell them about how heavy your flow is and what was the first day of your last… Read More »

A Group of Parents in California say smoking pot makes them better parents

“It’s Just A Plant”


So I wouldn’t send my three-year-old for a play date in their backyard pool, but do I care that some moms are turning to weed to get through the day? Last week Twitter lit up with the tales of pot-smoking California moms who made a video promoting their mother’s little helper. They claim it makes them better… Read More »

a happy child plays during a heat wave

Beat The Heat Wave: Part Deux


So, some of us have air conditioning and, as a result, we are sleeping well and showering only once a day. But for those of you living with this heat around the clock, you might find that your brain’s not working on the high-efficiency setting right now.

Popcorn Hackjam

Don’t Miss The Popcorn Hackjam This Saturday


This Saturday, July 6th from 1-4 p.m., the Hive is offering a free popcorn hackjam to youth from 10-18. What is a a popcorn hackjam? In this case it’s a hands-on course using a software called Popcorn Maker, designeded to teach the basics of video editing. Kids 13 and under have to be accompanied by an adult. This… Read More »


Canoe Across Canada – With Baby!


The plan wasn’t necessarily to traverse the country with a dog, a preschooler and a new baby. But that’s what happened six years after Pam and Geoff McDonald of Calgary, Alberta began their canoe trip across Canada. It took longer than expected, as described in this great piece by the Globe and Mail’s Roy MacGregor. Both… Read More »


How To Make a Lemon-Powered Battery


What engineering might have been missing until now: a pink-haired, lip-ringed young woman who knows how to make stuff and wants to share what she knows with everyone. Enter electrical engineer and open source hardware maker Limor Fried, aka Ladyada.  Fried teaches the fundamentals of electronics and aims to show viewers of all ages how “much fun… Read More »

Fan Mail

Fan Mail


Imagine it. Handwritten fan letters from members of your community to local shops, restaurants, neighbours and friends — letting them know how people feel about them. My heart is “growing three sizes” in anticipation. Shirley Street School was approached by the local BIA to help come up with programming for a street festival this Saturday, June 8th along Dundas… Read More »

Bunch Family FUN guide - photo by Chris Taylor

Five (or More) Fun Options If You Didn’t Get Your Kids Into That Parks & Rec Program


So you didn’t get your kids into the [insert Parks & Rec program] class you had hoped to. It only feels like the end of the world. You and your kid(s) might be the better for it. No, I get it. I rely on parks and rec programs as much as the next mom. For… Read More »

Daycare Survival Guide

Welcome to the Jungle: the City Family’s Guide to Getting into Daycare


I’d barely begun to show but already I was a failure as a parent—at least according to my dentist. “You’re not on any waitlists yet?!” she exclaimed, her congratulations still hanging in the air. The truth was I’d been avoiding the topic of child care like unpasteurized cheese. It was too overwhelming. How was I supposed… Read More »

Toronto Parks Rec Registration

Toronto Parks & Rec Hunger Games / Program Registration: Are You Ready to Do Battle?


It’s the most tense/wonderful time of the year:  Registration for Toronto Parks and Recreation Spring & Summer programs. Gather round and keep this button close, as experienced user Jess Whyte whispers her Parks & Rec secrets to you:  If you want to get your kid into a city-run summer camp or swimming/painting/dance lessons, you’ll soon be getting up… Read More »

New Mom

Being the Most Amazing Friend to a New Mom


It seems internet has lately exploded with advice for the average sleep-deprived new mom on how to stay interesting to one’s childfree single friends and coworkers. No, really, thanks – that was a pressing concern. (Actually, we love this one.) Seriously, though, we know it’s important to keep longtime friendships alive through different life stages. But it also occurs to… Read More »


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