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Love and Family Day


Family Day: the statutory holiday that makes February almost endurable. Though as the holiday is still new and as a concept sort of vague — beyond the “stay home from work and school” part — we’re still defining just what this day is about. So how about this: Family Day is a day for settling… Read More »

Top 10 Picture Book Picks for 2013


The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers Humour, letters and the goodness of rainbows! One day Duncan discovers that his crayons have quit and have left in their place a stack of letters voicing their respective protests: red is sick of the overtime, having to work through the holidays colouring Santa Claus and… Read More »

get excited and make things. Here, lots of stuff made from extra yarn.

Get Excited and Make Things!


My favourite picture books are the ones whose stories escape their pages, books that live on in the imagination long after they’ve been returned to the shelf, books which inspire their readers to get excited and make things. And such books are perfect for these days when it’s a little too cold outside, and you’re… Read More »

casual breastfeeding in children's picture books: Everywhere Babies

Breastfeeding in Pictures


Every week is Breastfeeding Week at my house, which is my best excuse for being a few days late with this post specially designed to coincide with World Breastfeeding Week (which ended last Sunday). But let the festivities continue by picking one of these great picture books that celebrate and normalize the image of nursing mothers.… Read More »

Babette Cole's Princess Smartypants is one of the best of the Anti-Picture Books

Down With Princessery! 6 Anti-Princess Picture Books


With the end of summer, the kids have come home from fishing at the proverbial crawdad hole and are settling back into their gender roles as dictated by toy marketers. Because, let’s face it: our boys will be boys and our girls … will be princesses. Listen, I’ve read my Peggy Orenstein and I’ve got an opinion… Read More »

Pickle Me This - In Lucia's Neighbourhood - by Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek

City Books For Spring


This month Kerry Clare of Pickle Me This brings us her favourite city-themed books. Right now as spring arrives and family life moves back out of doors, it’s a perfect time to share some books that connect readers to the local, and which affirm the goodness of life in the city. In Lucia’s Neighbourhood by Pat… Read More »


Pickle Me This Goes Postal (in Books)


It’s a widely known fact that I am a postal enthusiast, that the delivery of the mail is the focal point of my day, and that I am eternally delighted by books in the post. But just as much am I thrilled when the post turns up in books–I loved Kyo Maclear’s The Letter Opener,… Read More »

Valentine Booklist for Little Readers

Valentine Books: Love Stories for Little Readers


Our beloved kid-lit correspondent Kerry Clare picks out some favourite love stories for your little’uns — and then — reads you all one of her Valentine books aloud. When February comes around, even the littlest readers start thinking about love and cinnamon hearts. But of course, love itself is not all cupids and doilies, nor is… Read More »

Books for a New Year - Pickle Me This

Time, Growth + Change: books for a new year


We were reading Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak on New Year’s Eve because, with all Sendak’s usual mischief and fun, I love how it gives the reader a sense of the span of the year. This is not an easy concept to grasp when one is three years old. The book is mostly nonsense, but with… Read More »

Bunch holiday reads (for grownups!)


Kerry Clare figures out what you really want for Christmas: the right book to love. If the holidays are offering up a little window of reading time in your life, it’s important that you give that time to a book that’s worth it. The following is a list of great books guaranteed to go down easy once the kids… Read More »

Book List: kids love inattentive parents


We’re so thrilled to introduce our latest columnist Kerry Clare, an award-winning writer, editor, would-be pickler and voracious reader. She blogs constantly, tweets clever things and brings us regular dispatches from the world of kid-lit. They are useful, books about inattentive moms and dads. They prepare children for independence and allude to parents having their own… Read More »


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