Frank Gehry’s Matzah Brei


Frank Gehry: Flavour Architect Last week, we brought you Bubby Elsa’s Matzah Brei. Today, we urge you to check out architectural icon Frank Gehry’s version of the Passover brunch fare. And no, Frank Gehry Matzah Brei does not resemble this. Photo by herculie via Flickr

Tales of Seders with Some Awesome Jews: Daniel Berkal’s Tweder


What role does social media have in the telling of the Exodus from Egypt? We asked Daniel Berkal, inventor of the Tweder, to tell us a bit more about that. What led you to start the Tweder? The initial thought behind the Tweder was that it was a way for people from all over the… Read More »

Tales of Seders with Some Awesome (New) Jews: Benjamin Errett and Sarah Lazarovic


In rounding up tales of Passover traditions, we thought it would be interesting to ask someone for whom Passover is relatively new (and probably strange). We asked Benjamin Errett, Managing Editor at the National Post and author of Jew and Improved, to tell us about his seder experiences. And since his decision to convert was… Read More »

Passover Craft: An Envelope in Which to Hide the Afikomen


Where are ya gonna stash that afikomen? This Passover, you should make this incredible Afikomen envelope!   This felt envelope from is a great option for an afikomen-hiding apparatus to make with your kids. You’ll Need: Felt for the envelope as well as to decorate it A pencil A ruler Sharp scissors Paint Sponge… Read More »

Tales of Seders with Some Awesome Jews: Ayelet Waldman


We wanted to speak to some famous Jews about Passover. Writer and Bad Mother Ayelet Waldman reluctantly agreed. So, in our pre-interview discussion, you warned me that you hate Passover. Why is that? Because I am Jewish and thus do constant battle with my bowels. The LAST thing I need is to spend 8 days… Read More »

Tales of Seders from Some Awesome Jews: Neal Pollack


We spoke to some famous Jews about their Passover traditions and alternatives, and who better to start with than Alternadad himself, Neal Pollack. What are some alternative traditions (or twists on the original) that your family does for the seder? Or rather, how have you updated the seder to make it something hip and relevant… Read More »

7 Weird and Wacky Passover Plague Gifts


Some ideas for making plagues fun! What do you do when you’re Yahweh and the Egyptian Pharaoh won’t let the Israelite slaves go? Obviously, you send out a plague or 10 to show Pharaoh you mean business. How then do we teach the young ones about what went down between Moses and the Israelites and… Read More »

Passover: Burning Hametz


One of our favourite Passover rituals Bunch parents of the Jewish persuasion cite the search for hametz by candlelight, and it’s subsequent burning in a bonfire of starchy glory, as a thrilling childhood memory. Therefore, please note that the correct date for performing this Passover ritual with your bunch is TONIGHT. Apparatus: Ten pieces of… Read More »


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