Bunch Guide to (Avoiding) Passover Constipation


We hemmed and hawed about whether to put this delicately, but nothing makes you straight-up about bodily processes like parenting. Bunch would like to draw your attention to these historical photos to support up our claim that Passover is particularly rough on the delicate constitutions of wee ones. See this charming Minneapolis seder from 1917? Look… Read More »

Portraits of a family gathered


To celebrate Passover, published a series of family portraits by Gillian Laub, a New York based photographer known for her award-winning work of portraits and personal stories from Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs and Palestinians, and a regular contributor to The New York Times Magazine and TIME. Laub’s portraits of her family beautifully show how… Read More »

Revisit: Seder tales + Matzah eyeball soup


It’s Seder! To celebrate, we thought we’d round-up some of our favourite Passover posts. Happy Passover! Joshua Ostroff , music editor of Spinner Canada, flash dancer, sweet husband and dad believes Passover is an epic experience: Since my wife is a lapsed Catholic, we celebrate Eastover! It’s just like Passover but with more chocolate eggs and less rabbinical… Read More »

Tales of Seders with Some Awesome Jews: Joshua Ostroff and Eastover


We wanted to speak to some famous Jews about Passover. Joshua Ostroff, music editor of Spinner Canada and also a sweet husband, devoted dad and flash dancer, weighed in. What does your family do for Passover? My immediate family is out on the west coast, so I spend every Passover with my Toronto relatives who… Read More »

Happy Easter and Passover from Bunch


We’ll see ya’ll on Monday!

How to Make Your Own Matzah


For DIY-loving Passover celebrants Making your own Matzah seems easy enough, if you can work quickly. The key is to get it all done before the dough has a chance to rise! We found this straight-forward video on Youtube that breaks down the whole baking process. You’ll need: 1 cup cold spring water 3 cups… Read More »

Tales of Seders with Some Awesome Jews: Eva Glettner


We wanted to speak to some famous Jews about Passover. Our pal Eva Glettner, who knows all the cool kids music, happily obliged. What does your family do for Passover? Passover is all about family! We sit around, talk about the past, break some bread, er, matzah, and drink some vino. The good stuff, folks.… Read More »

Tales of Seders With Some Awesome Jews: Daniel Goldfarb and his Historial Family Nostalgia Feast


We wanted to speak to some famous Jews about Passover. Playwright Daniel Goldfarb shares his family’s traditions. 1. What does your family do for Passover? Very old fashioned. One seder with my wife’s side of the family and one seder with my side. The Goldfarb seders are enormous, and in fact my mom makes two.… Read More »

Plague Puppets, Afikomen Envelopes, and Chocolate Matzo: Our Guide to Passover Fun


Make the Jewish holiday fun and meaningful for kids without breaking your Matzo balls The lengthy seder may not be your kids’ idea of a good time. The problem of keeping little ones in their seats has been tackled with varying degrees of success in homes throughout the world, ranging from plague performances to beating them with… Read More »

Have a Cool Seder With These Kid-Friendly Haggadot


How do you decide on a Haggadah? There are basically a million versions of the Haggadah out there so how do  you choose the right one? Do you go with the holiest, most solemn and serious book you can find (no), or maybe something a little shorter and way more fun to make sure your… Read More »

Shopping For Kosher Food Ain’t No Mission Impossible


Join  the Matzo Squad on their Mission Mama Doni created this fun Passover song and video, “Mission Immatzoble.” Are you running out to your local kosher aisle in the very near future to pick up all your seder supplies? Then maybe you can relate to the mission, if you choose to accept it: Find as… Read More »

Fun With Matzo Balls


Whether you spell it Matzah, Matzo, or Matzoh, there are lots of delicious and unconventional  Matzo ball recipes for your Passover enjoyment The key to a good matzo ball is to refrigerate the batter overnight. Here are five great recipes featuring our favourite Jewish dumplings: 1. Vegan Matzoh Ball Soup You’ll need: Box of Streits’… Read More »


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