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photo by Deborah M. Buehler

Spring Migration: Birding in the Big City


I sometimes feel like I am living in two worlds. The whole “work-home balance” thing is more like a teeter-totter. I shift back and forth between work and home, investing my resources where they are most needed. When a deadline looms or I have to travel, my resources are dedicated to work. The week before… Read More »

birthday party hats

DIY Party Hats


Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents Every celebration includes a few party favours. My son’s favourite is the party hat – colourful, festive and fun to wear, the party hat is an important part of my family’s special events. Party hats can easily be purchased at the dollar store, or you… Read More »


Nature Hike in Rouge Park


Look, Mami. SNOW!” Spoken in Lucas’s lispy two-year-old voice, this announcement was far cuter than what it referred to. When I signed up for a kid-friendly scavenger hunt in Rouge Park in late April, I was not expecting snow. Rouge Park is on its way to becoming Canada’s first urban national park and they offer wonderful… Read More »

Silver Maple Seed Flowers - photo by Jon Hayes

Signs of Spring (No, Really!)


Technically, it is spring. But I just saw snow falling and the wind feels more February-like. The line between the seasons can be wonderfully elusive, but we have been noticing indicators of coming warmth here in High Park. Robins returning is one of the most familiar signs of spring, but many of these Robins never… Read More »


Let This Be the Last Thing You Read on the Internet Today


Starting this evening and ending tomorrow night at sundown is the National Day of Unplugging. The first official digital sabbath, shall we say. I know, right. You’re learning about this how? The internet. But it’s not too late for us! Inspired by all the fun things people on this site are doing, and all the fun stuff… Read More »

Birds: Things To Get Excited About


I’ve been pretty excited about birds lately. A pair of cardinals have decided that our backyard is where they wanna spend all their free time and have been flitting back and forth distractingly between our mangly apple tree and the vine on the fence. It’s home to some kind of delicious berry, but on the… Read More »

DIY Christmas Ornaments

NO-Rules DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments


Well, some of us got that sinking ohh nooo feeling when we saw the date today: Christmas is a week away. Luckily for Bunch readers our guest craft blogger Siri has an exquisite craft. Not only are these ornaments gorgeous, they are easy and intuitive to make. They require no tools (just firm beading wire) and… Read More »

Bird in the Hand

A Bird In the Hand


We love to see the look on people’s faces when a bird lands on their hand. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time or the 101st, it is always wonderful. Black-capped chickadees and nuthatches are the wild birds around here most likely to take seeds straight from your hand. They stay throughout winter… Read More »

Kid Photographers Shoot Nature


Have you ever noticed that kids take the best photos? We at the High Park Nature Centre have. That’s why we have kids in our naturalist clubs bring their cameras (or borrow one of ours) to photograph the fascinating nature out in the park. They are never at a loss of things to photograph: funky mushrooms,… Read More »

halloween photo booth

Halloween Costume Photo Booth


Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents   This Halloween, we are planning a party. In addition to the usual spooky-themed loot bags and creepy looking desserts, I wanted to come up with a fun activity for parents and kids. Since we love to play dress-up (and I love to take pictures),… Read More »

Stroller Tours bring Big City Culture to Babies


The cool new way to explore the city with your kids Photo by Skeddy in New York. There’s a lot to see in a city. The bright lights, the historic architecture, the urban wildlife, and the streets are a work of art in themselves. If you’re stuck in a stroller, you could miss a lot. Recognizing that… Read More »

8 Ideas For Rainy Day Fun


Your boredom-thwarting plan to stave off soggy spirits. Not all October July days are fair-weather strolling. Unpredictable as the weather can be, a little massive torrents of rain needn’t dampen your spirits. Here are some ideas to make like Zoe and enjoy rainy day fun – whether indoors or out. • Get out the wellies and walk to your local library branch to see what’s up.… Read More »


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