performing rabbit jumping over bars

Leaping Bunnies! Royal Winter Fair Is Almost Here


Starts FRIDAY: Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Nov. 1 – 10  Ricoh Coliseum + Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto November is peeking just around the corner which means one thing: it’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair time. The Royal has been bringing country know-how to our city for 91 years, schooling urbanites on how animals enrich our lives decades before… Read More »

Salmon in Scarborough: Ecologist Debbie Buehler and her two sons return to HIghland Creek to get a glimpse of the salmo

Salmon in Scarborough: Back to Highland Creek


The creek looked just as I remembered. When I was a child my father, brother and I carried our bikes across this gravelly curve in the Highland Creek. We were explorers on a quest downstream to find the lake. We’d follow the creek past the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus, through Morningside Park and onwards… Read More »

playground graffiti that reads 'kids, think for yourself' Weber Middle School bans cartwheels

School Bans Cartwheels, Claims Fun Still OK


A rise in playground injuries has led Weber Middle School in Long Island, N.Y. to ban all hard balls during recess as well as “any other equipment that might harm a child or school friends.” The new rules require a coach’s supervision for kids who wish to do cartwheels or play tag. The decision, as outlined in… Read More »

choir choir choir for kids! These muppets are almost as cute as your kids will be singing at the first C! C! C! Minor event this Sunday

Choir! Choir! Choir! FOR KIDS


The peak moment of my daughter’s elementary school years was grade six graduation. Once the diplomas were doled out, the entire graduating class – together since kindergarten – stood up and sang: ‘Time of Your Life’ (Good Riddance) by Green Day. It was a tremendously important moment for them, more significant than the rest of the… Read More »

older moms

1 in 25 Babies Born to Moms Over 40


Recent UK statistics show the number of women there giving birth over age 40 has increased fourfold since 1983. The number of mothers over 35 has risen just as sharply during the same time period, showing a corresponding trend upwards, and confirming statistically what anyone with eyes has noticed: older parenthood is here to stay. The… Read More »

Gender Surprise for Girls! is a new send-up of a really sexist Kinder marketing campaign

Gender Surprise – For Girls!


If you’ve turned on a television recently, you’ve probably been confronted by new marketing from the people who make Kinder Eggs: Kinder Surprise For Girls! Here’s the icky-sweet original commercial. As many have noted, from time immemorial the toys and marketing of Kinder Eggs has been decidedly gender-neutral. The introduction of Kinder Surprise for Girls has already… Read More »

three ways

3 Rad Things To Do This Weekend


It’s the best time of year in Ontario. Fall colours in full effect, temps are crisp, and days are bright. Get out and celebrate the season already. Here are 3 cool ways. 1. TONIGHT Bundle the kids and run to tonight’s Drop-in Dinner at The Depanneur The place where “interesting food things happen.” This cozy… Read More »

Photograph of garment factory workers in a Bangladesh sweatshop. READ Raveena Aulakh's story about going undercover at a sweatshop in Bangladesh

If You Read One Thing Today …


… let it be Toronto Star reporter Raveena Aulakh‘s story about going undercover as a sewing helper at a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As she relates in today’s story, Aulakh found the position at a small sweatshop through a contact she had made on a previous assignment. It was an unnamed factory with only 45 workers.… Read More »

photo by Courtney Hintermeye

Just Breathe At The Riverdale Ponds


How often do you think about your breathing? How about your child’s breathing? This fall my youngest son Lucas, who is not yet three, caught a virus that triggered an asthma attack. This had never happened before – suddenly I was thinking a lot about breathing. We took him to the emergency room. When we… Read More »


Greetings From Motherland


Toronto artist Mindy Stricke has an interactive art installation opening this weekend at the Arcadia Gallery about the transformation that happens to women when they become moms. “Landing Gear” is a collaborative project arising from her work with a group of mothers at Harbourfront Community Centre earlier this year. It’s one of many collaborative projects that Stricke… Read More »

Marissa Alexander to Get Retrial after steady pressure through public protests such as the one pictured here.

Marissa Alexander To Get New Trial


Jailed Florida Mother of three, Marissa Alexander has been granted a retrial after a year of steady social media and political protest. You may remember her case from reading about it on our site in July. This is a perfect example of how social media pressure is beginning to impact justice at large. If you… Read More »

You Can See The Salmon Run in Toronto


There be salmon in the waters around Toronto, and on Sunday, Sept. 29 you can see the salmon run — in Scarborough’s Morningside Park. What? It’s okay, don’t feel like you’ve lost any Toronto naturalist-cred you had. Our Toronto salmon are not exactly local. As The Toronto Star’s Catharine Porter reports, the salmon in our city were… Read More »


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