Toronto Through Henry's Eyes. Photo by Alex Neary and Henry (c) 2013 All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission

Toronto Through Henry’s Eyes


We immediately recognized the Toronto locales in these photos when we spied them on DesignTaxi earlier today. So we called up part-time photographer and Toronto nanny Alex Neary to get the full story and discovered that, as wonderful as these poses and concepts are, her two-year-old charge Henry is the one calling the shots. Literally.… Read More »

What Does C!C!C! Minor Say?

What Does C!C!C! Minor Say?


So Ylvis is coming to town. That’s right, the fey Norwegian purveyors of an infectiously catchy ditty that rocketed through the internet exactly three months ago to the day. Let us refresh your memory: Brother duo Ylvis – who recorded the song and made the video entirely as a joke – is going to be performing in… Read More »

Toddler eating with cake on her face

Babies Who Play With Their Food Learn Faster


If you’re at the stage where a simple snack of apple sauce is a full-bodied experience for your kid, here’s some good news. Researchers from the University of Iowa have found that 16-month-olds who play with non-solid objects such as yogurt, apple sauce or milk tend to learn their words faster than babies who don’t.… Read More »

mother and baby moose

Moose Milk To Feed The World


Moose milk along with milk from animals such as camels, donkeys, alpaca, reindeer and yak could be used to provide dairy to the developing world, according to a report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation

Toronto Chanukah events in 2013

8 Fabulous Hanukkah Happenings


FABULOUS Bunch Round-Up of Events this Hanukkah 1. Lights In The Air Community Celebration  Live show with Zero Gravity Circus! Plus candle-lighting, build your own chanukiah, balloon-making, face painting and more. Everyone welcome

mother with preemie baby

Dad’s Video of Preemie Son’s First Year


Ben Miller’s son Ward was born three and a half months early on July 16, 2012. He spent the first 107 days of his life in the NICU, where his parents visited him every day. Miller created a video of his preemie son’s journey from starting life as a one and a half pound baby… Read More »

Walk To School

Dad Arrested for Picking Up His Children On Foot


Well, it’s been a busy time for head-scratching school policies. First there was the Winnipeg mom who was fined for sending a home-cooked, whole food meal with her child to school for their lunch. Now, Tennessee man appalled by the mile-long backup of cars picking up children has been arrested for picking up his children from… Read More »

C!C!C! Minor

Kids Ages 4-8: Come ‘ROAR’ Sunday with C!C!C! Minor


The folks behind the fabulous grown-up low commitment drop-in choral singing group Choir! Choir! Choir! are holding another event for kids. It’s called C!C!C! Minor — and now, by popular request, it is open to younger kids. The next event is this Sunday, December 1st at No One Writes To The Colonel, located at 460 College… Read More »

Young Scientists

Catch the Next Wave: Frontiers in Neuroscience – For Kids!


Do your kids ever ask you questions that you just can’t answer? Or perhaps questions that you’d like to answer just a little more scientifically? It happens to me all the time. For example, this one: “Why do I have to go to bed?” Sometimes I want to answer, “Because I say so – and because… Read More »

Best places to breastfeed: here in 1937, nursing during a STFU Meeting was totally cool.

10 Best Places to Breastfeed in Toronto


As one does, I have breastfed a baby 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, during the Santa Claus Parade, in the middle of a dinner party and during someone else’s wedding vows. I’m not an exhibitionist; I just like to feed my son when he is hungry. Before he was born my breasts were ‘indoor use’ only.… Read More »

The Ketamines are playing TONIGHT at the kickoff event of the Long Winter series

Long Winter Starts Tonight!


  Long Winter: Year Two – Volume One  Friday, Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. (PWYC) venue: The Great Hall, 1087 Queen St. W. (at Dovercourt) in Toronto Got a hankering for Grown-up Time — or better yet, Grown-Up Time you can bring kids along to? Tonight is the first event of this year’s Long Winter series of… Read More »

Parents of Google workers at Take Your Parents to Work Day

‘Take Your Parents To Work Day’ Is Nov. 7 – If You Dare


Got a job? Would you bring your parents to it? ‘Take Your Parents To Work Day’ is a new thing the coolest employers, we’re talking Google and LinkedIn, are doing. Why? It’s a moral booster for employees, for one. Also, these days, there are a lot jobs us grown kids do that our parents just… Read More »


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