Backyard Rollercoasters, Dr. Seuss’s First Gigs, and What Working Moms Want From Employers


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. For the first time in their 19 year history, the Power Rangers are gracing the page. Keep an eye out for the newly premiered graphic novel brought to you by Papercutz  publishers, the crew behind Nancy Drew, Lego, and Garfield & Co. comics. 2. Maeve Binchy fans expressed shock at Amanda… Read More »

The Family Breakfast, New Music Streams For Kids, and Why You Need To Watch Sesame Street This Season


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. We weren’t alone in our joyful singing along when Feist guest starred on Sesame Street, right? The upcoming 43rd season has a lot more of those moments in store: the street will get a visit from Jon Hamm, Don Cheadle, Maya Rudolph, and lots of other awesome peeps come… Read More »

Cape Backpacks, One Million Moms Vs. The New Normal, and Adventures In Awkward Parenting


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. For a Tuesday morning moment of solidarity: HuffPo writer Toni Nagy outlines 5 inevitable adventures in awkward parenting, from the perils of pooping to when your kids refuse to wear clothes. You are not alone. 2. A few weeks back, Mark Regnerus shocked us with his study that said… Read More »

Jim Henson’s Science App, Bogeyman Realities, and the 7 Rs For Artists With Kids


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. Dr. Martha Heineman Pieper, parenting expert and author of new book Mommy, Daddy, I Had a Bad Dream! says if the bogeyman exists in your kid’s head, you may as well treat him as if he’s real. Instead of lifting the bedskirt, validate their concerns by reassuring them, ie –… Read More »

Kid-Inspired Olympic Athletes, Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portraits, and Bringing Your Kid to Pilates Class


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. Two moms crossed paths walking their dogs, shared a love of baking and city-living, and decided to open an allergy-free bakery in Montreal. Now, they’re making people cry with their bagels. (Actually.) How did you meet your best homies after you had kids? 2. Author Lisa Endlich Heffernan wonders: is… Read More »

The Next Baby Boom, Backyard Breakdancing, and Computer Hacking For Little Ones


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. An unconventional conference in Vegas recently taught kids a skill as risky as it is useful – hacking. Accompanied by a parent, kids and teens from 8 – 18 could “learn how to pick locks, compete to find the most bugs in mobile apps and learn about digital forensics… Read More »

Dictating Lactation, Non-Orchestrated Family Portraits, and the New Harry Potter Reading Club


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. Remember Furbies? They’re back, and they’re predicted to be the top toy this Christmas. Instead of the fluttering eyes and a chomping beak, interactivity will be kicked up a knotch with LCD screens for eyes and an accompanying app. Don’t you love when slightly creepy toys get… Read More »

Exposing Kitchen Realities, Spider Man Dads, and Gwen Stefani’s Kid Dyes His Hair Blue


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. A shaky economy made 20-something couples think twice about having kids. Now, the US birth rate is the lowest it’s been in 25 years, falling 12% from 2007 – the most rapid decline since the Great Depression. Has the lingering recession affected your family plans? 2. A new book… Read More »

Julia Child For Kids, Science Vs. Pop Music, and Are Mocktails Ok For Kids?


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. While many lament the death of manners at the hands of the interwebs, a Telegraph writer reminds us that kids have entertained themselves with uncouth antics since 500 BCE, as evidenced by the “graffiti” on the rock walls at Pompei. Some forces are so strong not even the internet can change… Read More »

Hogwarts Playground Replications, Tales Of A Cirque Mom, and Kids Weigh In On Social Media


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1.  J.K. Rowling is bringing her magical world of wizardry even closer to home – to her backyard, in fact. She’s having a playground replication of Hogwarts built for her kids. The 40 foot structure will give each of her kids their own 2 story luxury (and magical) treehouse. Can we… Read More »

Apps For Your Kids’ First Email, Superheroes Make Veggies Look Good, and The Mister Rogers Spinoff Show


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. If getting your kids to eat veggies is an epic feat, tell them Batman digs it. A recent study showed that up to 45% of kids were more likely to make a healthier food choice after being showed pictures of their favourite superheroes. For your dinner table marketing strategies. 2. Maily,… Read More »

Protecting Your Kid’s Faceprint, The Good Old Days Of Parenting, and Ballin’ Buggies For Tech Savvy Parents


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. Here’s a set of wheels geared toward stylish parents who want to cart their kids around in a fierce ride: “My First Car,” the brainchild of Dutch fashion duo Viktor and Rolf, comes with silver hubcaps, a faux leather canopy, and hand-stitched handlebars. Would your kid fancy a souped up… Read More »


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