The Not-Its Rock

Sarah Shannon of the Not-Its


By Helen Spitzer Chances are you remember 90s Sub Pop darlings Velocity Girl. Time flies! If you’re smart, you own one of Sarah Shannon’s great solo records or even played it on your campus radio show. These days she fronts Seattle’s power-indie kids’ band the Not-Its, formed when Shannon and the other grown-up band members – Danny Adamson, Tom Baisden,… Read More »

Stuck Inside songs


Guest writer Rebecca Alison‘s picks for the days you’re stuck at home. Lately, due to inclement weather, my four-year-old daughter and I have been spending most of our time inside. The hardest part of staying inside is coming up with activities that provide enough of an outlet for all of her youthful energy. Oftentimes, especially during the… Read More »

Cure for the Holiday Music Hangover


Today’s kindie music update is by Austin-based working mama, Momma’s Bacon. If you are suffering from a holiday music hangover you are probably the parent of a young child. The month leading up to the holidays can be so exciting and you pump up your child with holiday music and games and singing and then –… Read More »

Woohoo! It’s the holiday season!


I’ve been listening and enjoying a whole bunch of great new holiday tunes from some of the best family music artists out there. I’ve got way more than 2 tunes for you today. Just as we did in August – when we gave you a host of great tunes for summer road trips – today we’re offering 10… Read More »

Lullabies for long winter nights


Go to sleep happy with these sweet tunes. We’re heading into the season of long nights. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, most likely you’re hunkering down for the next eight weeks or so, looking for some warm PJs and a good storybook each night. It’s also the start of the holiday season, of course.… Read More »

Exploring the Fear Factor For Halloween


Sick of the Monster Mash? Add these songs to your spooky celebrations. Photo by Jessica at Hammondton Photography Halloween is such an important event in any kid’s life. I’m always dismayed to hear of parents who don’t allow their children to celebrate it. Even a controlled atmosphere of scary stuff seems okay for most kids… Read More »

Oh Susanna Kickstart her heart and her new record

Make Oh Susanna’s Day


… and kickstart the recording of her new record   Today is Oh Susanna’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Suzie! You can help make her day and help her make a new album. Oh Susanna has already begun recording (with producer Jim Bryson) some never-ever-before-heard songs by some dependably excellent Canadian songwriters, the likes of Ron Sexsmith, Jim Cuddy, Joel Plaskett,… Read More »


Dan Snaith’s new dancefloor project Daphni


 Images courtesy Analog Africa and Merge Records. By Helen Spitzer Dan Snaith’s musical project Caribou was part of the soundtrack to my son’s world months before he was born, so I probably have Snaith to thank for my baby’s love of beats. Dancefloor babies and lovers of delicious analog synths will go crazy for Snaith’s club-friendly… Read More »

Mythic Imagery in Song Lyrics


I don’t have to tell you that music is a powerful force. We all know from experience how a song can transform us, can hijack our emotions, can make us time travel to a familiar past or instantly transport us to new, exotic locales. We know how a melody or just a musical sound can… Read More »

Singing About the Animals


Beth Blenz-Clucas shares animal tunes you’ll go wild for From day one kids are fascinated by animals, which is why so many picture books and children’s songs are about the wild ones among us. Aaron Nigel Smith, who’s engaging hundreds of children to sing along with his One World Chorus, knows this. It’s why the PBS… Read More »

Ben Folds and Red

Ben Folds Five + Fraggle Rock = Epic Musical Reunion


This double blast from the past feel so right What do Ben Folds Five, Fraggle Rock, Anna Kendrick and Rob Cordry have in common? They all want you to dance your cares away! A new song and video combo featuring this awesomely miscellaneous crew may just make your day. Watch, smile and air guitar along with… Read More »

Sweet Sea Chanteys for Talk Like a Pirate Day


‘Tis be sure to get the barnacles out’yer ears Talk Like a Pirate Day is tomorrow! Every year on September 19th, people all over the world start speaking strangely, yelping  “avast, ye scallywags!”  and ordering friends to “swab the poopdeck.” Before you get yer knickers in a knot over it, try to figure out why… Read More »


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