children's music and baby beatles by Aleta Fera

Baby Beatles Bust Out


When I was small, I was allowed to put on my own records. Sure, we had what was then commonly called ‘children’s music’ but my parents also went by the theory that if they liked it, it was good enough for me. Hence my interest in their favourite band, The Beatles. Along with Fred Penner and… Read More »

Lou Reed for Kids: pretty sure Laurie knew his sweet side

Bunch Guide to Lou Reed


This is a tricky one, no question. 24 hours later, I’m still processing that Lou Reed died Sunday morning. He was 71 years old and 30 years clean. He was recovering from a liver transplant. He was doing tai chi. It’s an interesting exercise to make a list of songs by Lou Reed for kids because… Read More »

choir choir choir for kids! These muppets are almost as cute as your kids will be singing at the first C! C! C! Minor event this Sunday

Choir! Choir! Choir! FOR KIDS


The peak moment of my daughter’s elementary school years was grade six graduation. Once the diplomas were doled out, the entire graduating class – together since kindergarten – stood up and sang: ‘Time of Your Life’ (Good Riddance) by Green Day. It was a tremendously important moment for them, more significant than the rest of the… Read More »

back to school playlist

Back to School Playlist (2013)


Need help maintaining your Back-to-School enthusiasm? Maybe you and your kids are feeling draggy and it’s what, still the FIRST WEEK? Take action and make Monday awesome. Start with a Back to School Playlist OH LOOK, we MADE YOU ONE. Grab these tracks and put yourselves into a perfect wistful Back-to-School frame of mind. You’re Welcome. 1.… Read More »

New Shad video celebrates family, immigration, love

New Shad Video Celebrates Family


So, this may be the most Canadian song of 2013. It’s called ‘Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigrins) and it’s the brand-new single and video from Canadian rapper Shad, in anticipation of his new record Flying Colours. In it, he impersonates his ‘uncle’ rapping, crashes a domino game, references the Fugees, calls for reparations to First Nations, relates the family… Read More »


I Can’t Get … ‘Satisfaction’


“Dad, did you know one of the Beatles was killed?” asked my five-year-old son during dinner one day. “Yes, I did know that,” I replied. 

Femmes de Paris: Yé-yé for kids

Bunch Guide to French Pop and Yé-Yé for Kids!


A little bit twee with a dash of sophistication, the ’60s French Pop movement known as ‘Yé-yé’ is a natural selection for young kids. With clean sounds and instantly catchy melodies, it’s bound to get your family up and jumping on the dance floor (or the living room shag carpet). Yé-yé is fun enough to appeal to… Read More »

kids on tour

I’ll Bring My Son (And My Daughter)


Canadian indie rock darlings Amy Millan and Evan Cranley have publicly flipped the script on rockstar parenting. If you saw “The Other F-Word,” the excellent documentary on punk rock dads, then you already know that those dads are touring constantly to keep a roof over their heads; they may be covered in tatts and sweet as pie but they spend… Read More »


World’s First Double-Sided Fisher-Price Record


Record nerds and baby-record nerdlings of the world, unite and rejoice! Thanks to an unlikely collaboration between a hand-milling enthusiast in the UK, the synth-pop/new wave band Hilotrons and their Ottawa-based label Kelp Records, the world’s first double-sided Fisher-Price record single is about to hit the shelves. Kids across the land are freaking out — or, at least their… Read More »

summer road trip - photo by José Cuervo Elorza

Carload of FREE Songs for Road Trip Season


It’s almost time for the annual ritual known as the summer road trip. YES. Whether traveling to see grandparents or taking the fam to a music festival, you need to find creative ways to keep the kids happy — and your sanity intact. A summer music festival is a smart destination when you’re traveling avec famille.… Read More »

Simon Panrucker

Simon Says Drum Faster!


Cambridge, UK-based video-maker and doting uncle Simon Panrucker was excited to discover his niece got a nice, new drum kit. Having made a similar musical instrument-inspired video, he thought it’d be a hoot to make his niece appear to be an instantly incredible virtuoso drummer, bashing out punishing drum ‘n’ bass beats. Putting his tolerance for hours… Read More »

Maylee Todd’s Version of Pinball Count!


I remember digging through the stacks in the bowels of the CBC (the music library) about five years ago and happening upon a musical artefact I had long conveted, the Sesame Street BOXED SET: Songs from the Street. A shiver went through me as I read the track list. Why? Because it held the only version on… Read More »


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