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CRAFTS FOR KIDS: a child plays in a bin of coloured rice.

5 Rainy Day Crafts For Kids


Well, it’s supposed to rain this week – if not today, then tomorrow. Monsoon season keeps getting longer in Ontario, so we had better be prepared. With that in mind, here’s a roundup of kids’ crafts and activities for rainy days. (Click on the title or right on the pictures below.) 1. Yarn Laser Grid This is fairly self-evident,… Read More »

PHOTO:  エン バルドマン ENG GUL

3 Ways To Stay Cool + Have Fun


It’s gonna be 33 degrees (feels like 42!) again today in Toronto and across southern Ontario. Got some kids to entertain? Keep it cool.

brightly coloured homemade popsicles

Popsicles Teach Your Thermostat A Lesson


This weekend, after spending the morning at High Park in the sweltering heat, I attacked our icebox like a wild animal. I went in blind, not knowing what I was looking for until my fist emerged clasped tightly around a box of frozen yogurt popsicles.

pride superhero

Mission: Create Superhero Rainbow Shield For Pride


Step 1: Gather your neighbours Step 2: All you need is cardboard and paint Step 3: Lots of paint Step 4: Debate with friends – is neon be part of the Pride rainbow? Heck yes! Remember: Don’t touch wet paint! Pride shields! (Note: the artists’ interpretations of “rainbow” may vary, but the Pride stays the… Read More »


Easy Ideas To Make Your Garden Awesome


It’s Victoria Day in Canada: the day where, all across the country, neighbour motivates neighbour to shake off old cobwebs, clean up the old leaves and make their garden beautiful once again. But we know. You’ve got kids. You’re busy. Your house is a mess. So what? We’ve found some super easy garden ideas you can… Read More »

Mom DIY - washi tape phone case

Three Quick DIY Mom Gifts


Okay, moms: AVERT YOUR EYES. Or just leave this page open on the computer. So it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and you were meaning to find time to gather the kids and make a beautiful and meaningful present, right? There’s still time. Here are three practical DIY gifts that everyone in the family can collaborate on for mom.… Read More »

DIY Christmas Ornaments

NO-Rules DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments


Well, some of us got that sinking ohh nooo feeling when we saw the date today: Christmas is a week away. Luckily for Bunch readers our guest craft blogger Siri has an exquisite craft. Not only are these ornaments gorgeous, they are easy and intuitive to make. They require no tools (just firm beading wire) and… Read More »

3 Nifty Pinecone Crafts


Not your run-of-the-mill cones. Photo by Heather Katsoulis via Flickr.    If you have nature-loving smalls, you’ve probably slathered pinecones with peanut butter, rolled them in bird seed and hung them up to to make a bird feeder. Then watched as the squirrels attacked: Womp womp womp. These three crafts are a lot more fun to make… Read More »

5 Bright Fall Crafts to Make With Leaves


Don’t just admire that fine fall foliage from afar. Bring it home and preserve it! Playing with leaves is one of the most fun, easy and cheap ways to get your fall frolic on. (For more ideas, peep our harvest-tastic bucket list). Bundle up  and hit the park or the trails to find crispy, crunchy leaves… Read More »

3 Awesomely Mucky Things to Do with Mud


Take your summer garden antics to the next level In the summertime, mud seems to call to kids — they want to stick their hands in it, smear it on things, and get it all over themselves. Can you blame them? E. E. Cummings himself praised the springtime for being “mud luscious” and “puddle wonderful”. Mud is… Read More »

Make this Super-Cool Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe


Paint the town red (and blue, and yellow, and pink…) with this super cool sidewalk chalk paint recipe   If your kids love sidewalk chalk (and who doesn’t, really?), they’ll love this paint-y, liquid-y twist on the tried-and-true stick form. Sidewalk chalk paint is actually chalk-free, so you can make this recipe in a snap… Read More »

DIY Monster Socks for Father’s Day


Give your favourite dad what he really wants this Father’s Day: a pair of super-cool monster socks He might not know it yet, but the dad in your life probably needs a sweet pair of custom-made, ferociously fierce DIY monster socks for Father’s Day. These little guys are inexpensive, fun and quick to make with… Read More »


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