How to Raise a Parent

Make-Believe Isn’t a ‘Lie’ — It’s A Survival Skill


Three years old is a great age. Our son is now old enough to understand almost any story we tell him — and young enough to believe them all! It’s such a magical time. All year long our days are filled with invisible animals and fairies doing silly, wonderful things in our home. So Santa and… Read More »



Several days ago I noticed, amongst the updates scrolling past in my facebook feed, an image of a confident woman in coveralls casually balancing a safety helmet on her hip. I was intrigued. What modern day Rosy the Riveter was this? On closer inspection I noticed the image was posted by Shell Oil on their sponsored… Read More »

Once Upon a Riot: Teaching Self-Expression and Civic Engagement through DIY Nursery Rhymes


Carly Stasko reflects on teaching values of civic engagement and self-expression to her young toddler by writing her own nursery rhyme about the world wide Pussy Riot Protests. Recently on my lunch break I snuck into the bathroom and donned a mask and bright coloured dress so I could attend the Free Pussy Riot Demonstration… Read More »

Overcoming Socially Awkward Parent Disorder (SAPD)


Carly Stasko investigates the quandaries of new parents Being a new parent can be an exercise in awkwardness that starts in pregnancy (and in some instances conception), is punctuated by labor, and becomes gradually entrenched over the years as you endure spit-up stains and public tantrums until eventually the socially awkward parent has a socially awkward teenager,… Read More »

Everybody Get Down With Us If You Came From a Uterus: Playground Rap From a New Mom


Carly Stasko investigates the quandaries of new parents… and raps on playgrounds I first came up with this “Mom Rap” during a 4am sleep-deprived freestyle session I performed for my husband and newborn son when none of us were getting any sleep.  I have since  performed it for friends, family and strangers every chance I… Read More »

You Are Getting Very Sleepy: How to Incorporate 3D Storytelling into a Baby Bedtime Ritual


Carly Stasko investigates the quandaries of new parents FROM ROUTINES TO RITUALS: Having a consistent and fun bedtime ritual for your baby keeps everyone happy. It gives your little one important cues to help them transition from a busy day to a restful night. It’s a chance to wind down, to reconnect, to imagine, and… Read More »

MILF: A Mom I Would Like to Friend and Introducing Carly Stasko!


Carly Stasko investigates the quandaries of new parents Cruising on Facebook for some M.I.L.F action is not what I thought I’d be doing in the first few weeks of motherhood.  By “M.I.L.F” of course I mean a “Mom I’d Like to Friend” and by “action” I simply mean the very important act of sharing and… Read More »


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