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6 Glitter-free Handmade Ornaments


So sorry, but this is Christmas hell to me. As someone who’s already navigated one child safely through the craft years, the sight of glitter chills. Especially if the glitter is on the floor. The ubiquity of glitter, the way it coats clothing and turns up in breakfast cereal. Once introduced into your home, there is no turning… Read More »

halloween photo booth

Halloween Costume Photo Booth


Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents   This Halloween, we are planning a party. In addition to the usual spooky-themed loot bags and creepy looking desserts, I wanted to come up with a fun activity for parents and kids. Since we love to play dress-up (and I love to take pictures),… Read More »

Monster Factory Ghostie: Made One With My Kids and So Can You


  Monster Factory is a gateway brand. My Auntie Debbie bought me a Lucy while I was pregnant with my first child and I knew I’d have to get knocked up again so I could have more monsters. I was incredibly excited when Rhya from Monster Factory dropped a customizable Ghostie off at Bunch HQ and… Read More »

pinecone crafts

3 Nifty Pinecone Crafts


Not your run-of-the-mill cones. Photo by Heather Katsoulis via Flickr.    If you have nature-loving smalls, you’ve probably slathered pinecones with peanut butter, rolled them in bird seed and hung them up to to make a bird feeder. Then watched as the squirrels attacked: Womp womp womp. These three crafts are a lot more fun to make… Read More »

5 Bright Fall Crafts to Make With Leaves


Don’t just admire that fine fall foliage from afar. Bring it home and preserve it! Playing with leaves is one of the most fun, easy and cheap ways to get your fall frolic on. (For more ideas, peep our harvest-tastic bucket list). Bundle up  and hit the park or the trails to find crispy, crunchy leaves… Read More »

3 Awesomely Mucky Things to Do with Mud


Take your summer garden antics to the next level In the summertime, mud seems to call to kids — they want to stick their hands in it, smear it on things, and get it all over themselves. Can you blame them? E. E. Cummings himself praised the springtime for being “mud luscious” and “puddle wonderful”. Mud is… Read More »

5 Super Summer Crafts for Kids


From bike decor to bracelets, we’re getting crafty this summer.

DIY Fireworks Ice Cream


An explosive way to do dessert. Because … + =   Fireworks Ice Cream   We will always be grateful to GeekMom for introducing us to the ridiculously easy, but super genius holiday treat that is fireworks ice cream. Sprinkle a few pop rocks over your ice cream and enjoy! Photos by sea turtle, kasia/flickr… Read More »

Barbie As A Work of Art

Re-Make Barbie As A Work of Art


A good project for your mini art lover, perhaps? French artist Jocelyne Grivaud has been fascinated by Barbie ever since she was a girl. After her mom knit her Barbie a custom gown and little pink shoes, Grivaud was hooked. Years later, hearing so much criticism heaped on her beloved doll, that she’s “too blond,… Read More »


Enter the Egg Carton Dragon


A great craft to celebrate Lunar New Year: an egg carton dragon   Children born this year, between now and February 9, 2013 are thought to be extra lucky. Celebrate the Year of the Dragon by crafting this easy and colourful recycled beast. You’ll need: egg cartons paint construction paper tissue paper markers glue scissors… Read More »

Jewel-Bedecked Mask


Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents While searching for my son’s Halloween costume,  I stumbled upon a small black mask in the clearance section. At first glance, the mask looked very plain but I thought it would make for a great art project. I decided to make the purchase and asked… Read More »

Decorate Your Home With a Spooky Scene


Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents Halloween is one of our favourite holidays. From choosing our costumes to gathering candy and decorating our home, we start planning early so we can spend most of October feeling festive. This year, there is one little kink in our decorating plans. You see, we… Read More »


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