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Maker Camp

Maker Camp is an on-line summer camp for maker kids


Maker Camp is a virtual summer camp created by the folks at Google and Make Magazine. Kids participate live via Google Hangouts, held Monday to Friday at 2 PM EST. Each day, counsellors guide campers through a project.  The day’s project, plus a supply list, is posted in advance. Campers can chat with each other and with counsellors, ask questions… Read More »

Makedo cup critters are simple, affordable and crazy inspiring!

Starter Kit for Tiny Makers: Makedo


I was so excited to discover these tiny starter Makedo kits in our neighbourhood toy store last week. My three-year-old definitely has a crafty side, but I wasn’t sure he was ready for the connectors and tools in Makedo kits. They’re rated 5+ but after a little digging online, I found that they’re also suitable… Read More »

CRAFTS FOR KIDS: a child plays in a bin of coloured rice.

5 Rainy Day Crafts For Kids


Well, it’s supposed to rain this week — if not today, then tomorrow. Monsoon season keeps getting longer in Ontario, so we had better be prepared. With that in mind, here’s a roundup of kids’ crafts and activities for rainy days. (Click on the title or right on the pictures below.) 1. Yarn Laser Grid This is fairly self-evident,… Read More »

The $20 DIY Air Conditioner


This is maybe the greatest DIY we’ve ever seen.

3 Ways To Stay Cool + Have Fun


It’s gonna be 33 degrees (feels like 42!) again today in Toronto and across southern Ontario. Got some kids to entertain? Keep it cool.

sidewalk chalk paint recipe

Make this Super-Cool Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe


Paint the town red (and blue, and yellow, and pink…) with this super cool sidewalk chalk paint recipe   If your kids love sidewalk chalk (and who doesn’t, really?), they’ll love this paint-y, liquid-y twist on the tried-and-true stick form. Sidewalk chalk paint is actually chalk-free, so you can make this recipe in a snap… Read More »

Make Cool Stuff

New Book! Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints For Cool Stuff


Into cool stuff? Desperately searching for a Father’s Day present for a dad into making cool stuff? Look no further. After writing a kid-friendly ‘How To’ column for several years on MAKE, U.K. dad and creative director Scott Bedford has written a book with 67 blueprints for some pretty wicked ideas: Martian door decal, an earthquake coat hook,  slingshot car… Read More »

garden DIY

Easy Ideas To Make Your Garden Awesome


It’s Victoria Day in Canada — the day where, all across the country, neighbour motivates neighbour to shake off old cobwebs, clean up old leaves and make their garden beautiful once again. We know. You’ve got kids. You’re busy. Your house is a mess. So what? We’ve found some super easy garden ideas you can do with… Read More »

birthday party hats

DIY Party Hats


Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents Every celebration includes a few party favours. My son’s favourite is the party hat – colourful, festive and fun to wear, the party hat is an important part of my family’s special events. Party hats can easily be purchased at the dollar store, or you… Read More »

Mom DIY - washi tape phone case

Three Quick DIY Mom Gifts


Okay, moms: AVERT YOUR EYES. Or just leave this page open on the computer. So it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and you were meaning to find time to gather the kids and make a beautiful and meaningful present, right? There’s still time. Here are three practical DIY gifts that everyone in the family can collaborate on for mom.… Read More »


3 Recycled Crayon Valentines


Melt them, shave them, or mold them; crayons make a great Valentines Crayon Stained Glass Cards You’ll need: waxed paper, a pencil sharpener, crayons, a bone folder, and a warm iron. Remove the paper from crayons and shave them using a pencil sharpener. Sprinkle the waxed paper with the shavings. (The more wax you sprinkle,… Read More »

DIY Christmas Ornaments

NO-Rules DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments


Well, some of us got that sinking ohh nooo feeling when we saw the date today: Christmas is a week away. Luckily for Bunch readers our guest craft blogger Siri has an exquisite craft. Not only are these ornaments gorgeous, they are easy and intuitive to make. They require no tools (just firm beading wire) and… Read More »


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