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Giant Snow Castle: Castle Carla in Wolseley, Winnipeg. Photo by Julie Penner

Breathtakingly Beautiful Giant Snow Castle in Winnipeg


Last January, after living in Toronto for 14 years, I moved back to my hometown, Winnipeg. And even though Toronto gets plenty of snow – more, in fact, than Winnipeg! – the minus twenty temperatures on the prairies ensure that snow stays on the ground over here. My two-year-old loves being taken for rides in his… Read More »

stop motion beard video magic

Stop Motion Magic Beard Video & Insta-Classic ‘Runaway Beard’


Is there a Dad at your house with a beard? Is the beard a source of amusement to your kids? 1. Is the beard AS ENTERTAINING AS BEN GARVIN’S BEARD? This Minnesota photojournalist knows how to make magic with a beard, a comb, some random vegetables and the stop-motion app on his iPhone. The measure of… Read More »

Secret Kids’ Hideout in Hall Closet


Noticed this morning on Apartment Therapy: a family in Cleveland Heights, Ohio discovered they had some unused space underneath the stairs in their front hall. So they installed a magical kids hideout — a SECRET ROOM complete with its own tiny secret door just visible behind clothes in the hall closet. Check it out. The… Read More »

Still from pregnancy stop-motion video by Armands Alps

Baby-Making Is Fun: Pregnancy Stop-Motion Animation


There are so many terrible ideas for pregnancy portraits that it’s a relief to find something that’s clever or charming. The next logical step after portrait-a-day documentation of those nine months (czech out these two) is to make a pregnancy stop motion video, I guess. Why are so many set to Ingrid Michaelson songs? I have no answers for you. Here is a cute… Read More »

R2D2 Cake

Dad Makes R2D2 Cake With Princess Leia Projection


Ambitious geek-dad Marc Freilich has a son who is a big Star Wars fan. So for his son’s big 06, Freilich decided to make an R2D2 cake — and then decided that no decent R2D2 cake comes without a Princess Leia projection, duh. Freilich put a pico projector inside the cake’s dome and used a Princess… Read More »


Don’t Try These Cakes At Home


Think you know how to make a good looking cake? Don’t even try. 10 Totally Over-the-Top Cakes Carrot In The Ground Cake If you have the mad skills required to make this, it could also be a nature lesson. Don’t you have things to do? James Bond Wedding Cake Debating which is creepier: this one… Read More »


Most Amazing Spiderman Costume Ever


Got Spiderman super-fans at home? Anyone looking to be recognized for massive Parental Overachievement need look no further than this Spiderman costume for their little ones. We have included a step-by-step guide to assist you: just follow the instructions and the honour is all yours. Here’s what you’ll need: $600 The help of three artisan professionals The services of… Read More »

Pinterest Stress - Caitlin Freeman's Mondrian Cake (c) 2013 from Modern Art Desserts

If I Knew You Were Stressing I’d Have Baked A Cake


Suffering from Pinterest Anxiety yet? How about now? Not yet? I guess it’s okay then to tell you about this upstart Martha Stewart-type who bakes secret messages into her cakes. Clear your schedule for the next two days and follow the step-by-step instructions. Somehow I’m certain if it were my parents baking the cake, my slice would… Read More »

kids rooms that will blow your mind. Like this one, with a climbing wall

Why Your Kids Think Their Room Sucks


Whatever you do, don’t let your progeny see the pictures of these awesome kids rooms  – they’ll never be able to look at their own room the same way. In fact, neither will you. We came across these kids rooms on a BuzzFeed post and we’re a little depressed now. Indoor treehouse Think a treehouse is impressive? How about one that’s… Read More »


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