Maker Camp

Maker Camp is an on-line summer camp for maker kids


Maker Camp is a virtual summer camp created by the folks at Google and Make Magazine. Kids participate live via Google Hangouts, held Monday to Friday at 2 PM EST. Each day, counsellors guide campers through a project.  The day’s project, plus a supply list, is posted in advance. Campers can chat with each other and with counsellors, ask questions… Read More »


Use Your Brain At The Action Potential Lab


There’s a new a space in town which aims to bring your inner science nerd and art geek together. The Action Potential Lab – Toronto’s first art and science lab – celebrated their grand opening this weekend with a bash that included a kid-focussed DJ-spin table, a chance to microscope anything-you-can-think-of onto a projector, crayon melting and magnetic… Read More »

Giant Snow Castle: Castle Carla in Wolseley, Winnipeg. Photo by Julie Penner

Breathtakingly Beautiful Giant Snow Castle in Winnipeg


Last January, after living in Toronto for 14 years, I moved back to my hometown, Winnipeg. And even though Toronto gets plenty of snow – more, in fact, than Winnipeg! – the minus twenty temperatures on the prairies ensure that snow stays on the ground over here. My two-year-old loves being taken for rides in his… Read More »

Salt Experiment - how salt affects ice

How Salt Affects Ice — and Our City


This collection of easy science activities making the rounds pointed me to this super fun science demonstration using ice and salt. It’s the perfect thing to do with the boys now that Toronto is in the deep freeze (again). After all, we have seen a lot of ice and a lot of salt lately. “What do… Read More »

child holding markers

Science Experiment: Separate The Dyes in a Marker


What do you do when you’re stuck inside the house with two kids, one mom and three sinus colds during the most bitterly cold January ever? Science, of course! We stumbled upon this experiment, which was simple enough that we had everything needed (paper towel, markers, bowl and water) in the house already — and challenging enough… Read More »

Makedo cup critters are simple, affordable and crazy inspiring!

Starter Kit for Tiny Makers: Makedo


I was so excited to discover these tiny starter Makedo kits in our neighbourhood toy store last week. My three-year-old definitely has a crafty side, but I wasn’t sure he was ready for the connectors and tools in Makedo kits. They’re rated 5+ but after a little digging online, I found that they’re also suitable… Read More »

The Kano Computer Kit

Kano: A Computer Your Kids Can Build


It’s no secret kids love any touch screen the world can invent. But playing with these devices is far different from learning how they actually work. Meet Kano, a super-successful project launched by a London, UK based start-up. The big idea: kids can learn how to build a computer, program code and have fun while doing it. Powered… Read More »

Young Scientists

Catch the Next Wave: Frontiers in Neuroscience – For Kids!


Do your kids ever ask you questions that you just can’t answer? Or perhaps questions that you’d like to answer just a little more scientifically? It happens to me all the time. For example, this one: “Why do I have to go to bed?” Sometimes I want to answer, “Because I say so – and because… Read More »

stop motion beard video magic

Stop Motion Magic Beard Video & Insta-Classic ‘Runaway Beard’


Is there a Dad at your house with a beard? Is the beard a source of amusement to your kids? 1. Is the beard AS ENTERTAINING AS BEN GARVIN’S BEARD? This Minnesota photojournalist knows how to make magic with a beard, a comb, some random vegetables and the stop-motion app on his iPhone. The measure of… Read More »

Secret Kids’ Hideout in Hall Closet


Noticed this morning on Apartment Therapy: a family in Cleveland Heights, Ohio discovered they had some unused space underneath the stairs in their front hall. So they installed a magical kids hideout — a SECRET ROOM complete with its own tiny secret door just visible behind clothes in the hall closet. Check it out. The… Read More »

Convince Your Kids to Wash Their Hands

Bill Nye Will Convince Your Kids to Wash Their Hands


The bonkers temperature fluctuations of the past week have brought about the expected result: the first cold of the season. It coincides with another Cold War of sorts: I’m trying to convince the two-year-old he needs to wash his hands. Time and again I patiently explain that the germs from the streetcar seat, or the… Read More »

50 Science Mistakes

50 Science Mistakes Parents Make


Okay, so it’s really happening. The kids are about to head out the door and there’s no denying the gentler pace of summer holidays is done for. I don’t know what you were doing in the sandbox all summer, but I was burying Triceratops and Brontosauruses aplenty. Oh hey, parents born in the 1970s —… Read More »


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