brightly coloured homemade popsicles

Popsicles Teach Your Thermostat A Lesson


This weekend, after spending the morning at High Park in the sweltering heat, I attacked our icebox like a wild animal. I went in blind, not knowing what I was looking for until my fist emerged clasped tightly around a box of frozen yogurt popsicles.

HOMEMADE camp tees: a diy t-shirt reads "camp halfblood"

Homemade Camp Tees


Despite August being the month of Camp, many kids are still home and hanging out in the city, looking for fun things to do. Mother of six and designer, Gabrielle Blair’s website, Design Mom is a fantastic place devoted to fun DIY projects and ideas. The one that caught my attention was Bleached Out Tees (or camp tees… Read More »

A Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Container advertises a flavor called "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"

Ice Cream For The Literary Set


In case you decided to check the internet on this holiday Monday (and you did, didn’t you?) here is a fun assortment of fictional Ice Cream Flavours based on great, mediocre or at the very least published works of fiction. These Ben and Jerry’s inspired flavours come care of Brett Cohen and the fine folks at… Read More »

Happy Chicken Wing Day everyone!

It’s National Chicken Wing Day – with Abdominal


I don’t know if you picked up our big, bad guide to summer-fun-in-Toronto in The Grid, but one of the Bunchkins whose day we made was  Kylee, age 7, who loooooves chicken wings. We shared our recipe for boneless chicken wings (the secret: Paprika!)

sunscreen and toddlers

Sunscreen,Toddlers: Hilarious Awfulness


I am slowly learning how fun it is to get another human being to do something he doesn’t want to do. Welcome to Two.

When You Go Out in the Woods Today (Do Not Piss Off The Beavers)


We just told you to get out there and do some nature-loving this weekend, but keep this in mind when you’re taking your family in the woods: Don’t Mess With Beavers. Watch and learn from this Russian hiker, taking a stroll in the Tver District just outside Moscow this week. Sucker knocked him to the ground: source: Gawker

memory keeping apps

Memory Keeping Apps for Smartphone Scrapbooking


6 apps for keeping your summer memories The epic fort made in the backyard, the song sang in the car on the way to the cottage, the crazy s’more concoction invented by the campfire – make sure none of that goes undocumented. Equip yourself with the right tools so you can simply bust out your… Read More »

5 Kid-Friendly Cameras For Summer Memory Keeping (and Making)


Introduce your kid to photography beyond the phone picture The magic of photography is as mystifying as it is fascinating for kids –  diving right into the big world of digital cameras may result in disaster. There are lots of options for young artistes who are a level-up from a disposable camera, but not quite ready to… Read More »

The Messy Joys of Sleepover Camp


Will your kids brave the elements this summer? The cabins, the bunk beds, the bonfires. Sleepover camp may be the pinnacle of summer nostalgia. We’re stoked that so many parents want their kids to experience the joys of sleepover camp this summer. But it’s not easy. To be sure, along with the bliss of dock jumping… Read More »

5 Super Summer Crafts for Kids


From bike decor to bracelets, we’re getting crafty this summer.

How to Turn Your Backyard Into A Carnival


Fun ideas for a DIY backyard bigtop! Boring backyard? Not this spring! Step right up and try your hand at some psychedelic lawn bowling, tin can slits and homemade funky face paint. Commemorate the day the Ringling Brothers Circus opened by turning your backyard into the place to be. Here are some super fun an super easy activities:… Read More »

How To Make a Seriously Awesome Kite


A kite recipe that would make Benjamin Franklin proud If you really want your kite to rule, it helps to take instruction from the master in physics himself. Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of the United States and the inventor of the lightning rod and bifocals, also meant business when it came to kite-making. A… Read More »


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