Bike Month


Something Wonderful Is Coming to Shaw Street


It’s a contraflow bike lane!  A contraflow lane is a bike lane that travels down a one-way street in the opposite direction – like this existing one on Montrose.

Getting Klutzy on the Cargo Bike


My adolescence was fraught with klutziness. There was the time I ate too many cinnamon hearts and had a swollen tongue for days, or when I got a second-degree burn on my foot from spilling hot coffee, or when I chopped off a piece my thumb with the meat slicer at my deli job. And those are just… Read More »

Bikes That Grow With Your Child

4 Cool Adjustable Bikes That Grow With Your Kid


Get ready for some serious bike style this summer June is Bike Month! And what better way to get your kid hooked on cycling than with a one of these amazing transforming bikes? Adjustable bikes aren’t just economical — they’re better for the environment and great for ergonomic support, too. They can last up to twice as… Read More »

Biking in France With Kids


We half-read, half-daydreamed through this article Last weekend’s Globe and Mail featured an essay from Karan Smith, datelined Loire Valley, France. Sigh. Smith and her daughter Pepina were off on a mother-daughter cycling trip that found them biking by Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Cinderella-esque pumpkin patches and actual chickens crossing the road. They cycled with a… Read More »

End-Of-Summer Bucket List!


Hate to break it to you, but you know how it is: Summer will be over before you know it. There is, however, still a string of sunny August days left, and we want you to make the most of it! So here’s the official Bunchland list of things you need to do before it’s… Read More »

Family On A Bike Share Their Family Adventure Secrets!


We asked The Family Adventure Project’s Stuart Wickesfor some bike tips Stuart Wickes and Kirstie Pelling are an adventure-minded couple from the North West of England. When they became parents, they didn’t see any reason to stop having crazy adventure vacations. They took their then family of four on an end-to-end tour of New Zealand,… Read More »

How To Bike With Your Kids: Gear


What’s your carrier of choice? For bike-loving parents, it’s not a question of if you’re going to bring your kids along on a bike ride, but how. We’re taking a look at the various attachments you can put on your two-wheeler to bring the kids along — whether it’s dropping them off at school, or… Read More »

Boy Who Just Learned to Ride a Bike Gives Motivational Speech


Excellent viewing material for those still struggling to balance on a two-wheeler This viral video comes just in time for Bike Month. Learning to ride a bike is hard. One usually acquires a whole whack of scrapes and bruises before getting the hang of it. Of course this little guy’s going to be super proud… Read More »

Bike Month: Give Your Handlebars Some Streamers


Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents The sunny skies and warm weather have finally hit Toronto and we decided it was the perfect time to pull out my son’s bicycle from storage. The last time my son rode his bike (or rather, I pushed him on his bike) was in New… Read More »

Pimp Your Bike Ride


June is Bike Month! Celebrate it in style. Perhaps crocheting a cover for your bike is not a project you’d be willing to tackle, but there are lots of other great (and much easier) ideas to jazz up your bike in time for bike month. The classic bike decor typically centers around strapping on a… Read More »


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