brightly coloured homemade popsicles

Popsicles Teach Your Thermostat A Lesson


This weekend, after spending the morning at High Park in the sweltering heat, I attacked our icebox like a wild animal. I went in blind, not knowing what I was looking for until my fist emerged clasped tightly around a box of frozen yogurt popsicles.

spring into earth day action: commit to planet mindfulness

Earth Day — Spring Into Action!


The signs are unmistakable: robins singing and green shoots poking out of the garden. Spring is finally here. And Earth Day is just around the corner, which is what got me started on this adventure. Last April I was teaching my five-year old how to plant seeds and writing my first Wild City post. Starting Wild City was our family’s Earth… Read More »

Bunch Guide to (Avoiding) Passover Constipation


We hemmed and hawed about whether to put this delicately, but nothing makes you straight-up about bodily processes like parenting. Bunch would like to draw your attention to these historical photos to support up our claim that Passover is particularly rough on the delicate constitutions of wee ones. See this charming Minneapolis seder from 1917? Look… Read More »

Your Guide to Earth Hour 2014


Turn out the lights, un-plug the fridge and get your darkness on darlings, because tomorrow is Earth Hour 2014, a time to reflect about the environment, and have some fun in the dark. (Which, if you’re a Bunch-reader most likely means G-rated fun in the dark, but what have you.) Kids are usually huge fans… Read More »

Love and Family Day


Family Day: the statutory holiday that makes February almost endurable. Though as the holiday is still new and as a concept sort of vague — beyond the “stay home from work and school” part — we’re still defining just what this day is about. So how about this: Family Day is a day for settling… Read More »

photo courtesy Danielle Wiley and Anne Richards

First Three-Parent Family Recognized in B.C. — Happy Family Day!


A three-month-old baby has just become the first child born in B.C. to have three legally-recognized parents, thanks to the province new Family Law Act, which was enacted in March of last year. Della Wolf Kangro Wiley Richards is the first child born to Danielle Wiley and her wife Anna Richards. Baby Della also has a… Read More »

lunar new year

Celebrate Lunar New Year


Thank goodness we live in a multicultural city where, even if your background isn’t Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean, the Lunar New Year gives everyone a chance to interrupt the Plain Ol’ Dreariness of this winter and party down. Here are Bunch’s top tips for the Year of the Horse: 1. Lunar New Year Celebrations: This… Read More »

elf homes in Iceland

‘Hidden folk’ elves are all over Iceland


Forget the somewhat creepy and definitely over-done Elf on the Shelf. In Iceland, ‘hidden folk’ elves have been living throughout the Nordic country’s wilderness since Viking times — and they’ve got respect. So much so that a 2007 study by the University of Iceland found that 62 per cent of respondents thought that elf existence was… Read More »

unusual Christmas trees made from offcuts of wood

Not Your Average Christmas Tree


Really, why be normal? Sure, a freshly cut tree smells great. But get your kids involved, get inspired by one of these four original takes on the average Christmas tree and put a handmade stamp on your holidays. Best of all, these are simple ideas. 1. Wood Offcuts Christmas Tree Got friends or family who work… Read More »

A cardinal pair look like they're discussing something. Learn to decorate a tree for birds and help them out in winter.

Decorate Your Tree Yet? — For the Birds!


If you come over to our house this winter, chances are that the toddler will take you to the back door and show you the Dark-eyed Juncos dotting the snow, or maybe ‘Daddy Cardinal’. It wasn’t always this way. It started during the depths of winter, just last year. Our first foray into feeding the… Read More »

Toronto Chanukah events in 2013

8 Fabulous Hanukkah Happenings


FABULOUS Bunch Round-Up of Events this Hanukkah 1. Lights In The Air Community Celebration  Live show with Zero Gravity Circus! Plus candle-lighting, build your own chanukiah, balloon-making, face painting and more. Everyone welcome

Hanukkah Music on Rdio

You Haven’t Lived Til You’ve Sampled Hanukkah Music on @Rdio


Occasional Bunch contributor Joshua Malinsky addresses one of the great Hanukkah quandaries of our time. So it’s Chanukah* time again, except incredibly early this year (yikes) and there are time-honoured traditions to follow and create on the spot — such as the annual ‘Googling Of Chanukah Menorah Prayer’. Besides getting the kids hopped up on… Read More »


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