Toronto Chanukah events in 2013

8 Fabulous Hanukkah Happenings


FABULOUS Bunch Round-Up of Events this Hanukkah 1. Lights In The Air Community Celebration  Live show with Zero Gravity Circus! Plus candle-lighting, build your own chanukiah, balloon-making, face painting and more. Everyone welcome

Hanukkah Music on Rdio

You Haven’t Lived Til You’ve Sampled Hanukkah Music on @Rdio


Occasional Bunch contributor Joshua Malinsky addresses one of the great Hanukkah quandaries of our time. So it’s Chanukah* time again, except incredibly early this year (yikes) and there are time-honoured traditions to follow and create on the spot — such as the annual ‘Googling Of Chanukah Menorah Prayer’. Besides getting the kids hopped up on… Read More »

picture of a huge dreidel

Picture This: One Huge Dreidel


The thing about dreidels is, they’re small. And people are used to them being small. Which is why people will be blown away when you show them your picture of one huge dreidel. Here’s how to create an image of the four-sided spinning Hanukkah top like you’ve never seen it before. How to take a photo… Read More »

Dave Wall reps Michele Landsberg’s latke recipe


David Wall is a composer, lyricist and singer, and dad to two young sons. As a member of the beloved Toronto band Bourbon Tabernacle Choir in the 1990s he toured Canada from one end to the other. He’s since recorded several solo albums and a collaboration with pianist Marilyn Lerner, become a Cantor, and joined the Flying Bulgar Klezmer… Read More »

Socalled reps his mom AC Dolgin’s latkes


Sometime around 1996, I was working in an office that only played Pharcyde records while I was mostly into David Krakauer and the Klezmatics, and I got this idea stuck in my head: mix klezmer and hip-hop! Luckily for y’all, I was neither a musician nor much of a head so the idea was quickly discarded. Luckily… Read More »

Joseph Shabason (of Destroyer) reps his Aunt Sibyl’s latkes


One day, before I met our new neighbours, I was jostled out of toy-tidying by a few abstract squawks of saxophone. The player was obviously excellent and baby slept through anything, so I pushed open the window for an impromptu concert. Later I went to see Destroyer perform the new record at Lee’s Palace, and noticed the… Read More »

Emma Waverman’s no-nonsense latkes


I met Emma Waverman in New York City in a haze of estrogen at a totally effing crazy conference called BlogHer. I did not immediately realize that she was food royalty. I just thought she was fun and knew where to buy bras on the Lower East Side. Emma is the co-author of the family… Read More »

The Pop Montreal latke


I met Dan Seligman at a Broken Social Scene/Stars show in New York City in 2002. He had just co-founded this thing called Pop Montreal, which he tried to explain to us Guelph nerds as we raced through the Lower East Side trying to see as many bands as humanly possible. A decade later, the ties between Pop… Read More »

Toronto writer Sarah Liss’s maybe-lifted-from-Bonnie-Stern latke recipe


Though I don’t remember this, Gentleman Reg introduced me and Sarah at a Sufjan Stevens Christmas show at the Horseshoe, saying that we should know each other because we were queer girls writing about music (for competing weeklies). I didn’t hear that part because we were maybe shouting over the Danielson Familie. Anyway, here we are ten… Read More »



Introducing a new monthly illustration feature from Sarah Lazarovic.   Find more Sarah comics here.

Nelken (dysfunctional) family latkes


I met Vancouver musician Shane Nelken in Austin but then he came to my (once-famous) Red Hook Brunch for wayward Canadians, during the CMJ marathon. This makes us sound sporty. I was an (unhired) one-woman street team for the Awkward Stage and I now impatiently await his solo record. I bugged him for a latke recipe, and he sent me inappropriate photos and… Read More »

Bob Wiseman’s miraculous latke recipe


The last two latke recipes have been in the traditional vein. Today we’re going to mess with your heads and give you an amazing recipe for maybe the healthiest latkes you will ever eat. Bob Wiseman says: My latke recipe is gluten-free and also no oil. Another miracle!” 3 onions (Spanish or red) 3 potatoes… Read More »


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